Where We Are: Gen Z Vegan Claims Sausage Roll Has Left Her 'Traumatized for Life' and Possibly Cancer-Stricken



Does the younger generation strike you as sort of…different?

In the 1940’s, young men volunteered to go to a foreign land and get their heads directly shot at, because they loved — and wanted to fight to the death for — their country.


America was a place of rugged individualism.

These days, it appears something’s changed.

Young people are equating pronoun usage with violence, and many seem to believe they have a right to not be offended.

And they’ve been taught, if I’m correct, to be offended by a whole lot.

Trigger warnings have convinced them they’re weak; coddling has informed them they’re entitled.

And somewhere in the mix of all the ways our world has “progressed” with regard to how it’s conditioning children, we’ve been left with tribulation — like that of a young woman in our sister land, Great Britain.

20-year-old Sharleen Ndungu is a vegan. Recently, at Greggs bakery in Canterbuy, Kent in England, she believed she’d been served a meat-free roll.

However, her taste buds told a different story: Having chomped into the delight, she realized it actually contained sausage.

Therefore, she began having heart palpitations.

Speaking to Metro UK, she explained that she “hadn’t had meat in two years.”

Sharleen started crying.

She believes…well, I’ll just let her tell you:

“My belly started hurting and my heart started going crazy. I was panicking because that only happens when I consume meat — this doesn’t happen when I have other food.”


Will she, at some point move on?


“I’m traumatized for life now.”

And the bakery can kiss it:

“I’m never going to Greggs again.”

Sharleen later returned to the store to complain. The manager offered her a spiffy $3 refund.

I’m assuming that was perhaps the cost of the roll, but what about damages to cover her trauma?

She then called the chain’s customer service line, which yielded a $36 voucher.

Not too shabby. 

But where was the apology?

A public one, that is:

“I was asking for a public apology to make people aware that they should watch out for things like this. People can be allergic to pork and potentially die from such a stupid mistake.”

It’s no wonder she’s irate. To hear her tell it, gnawing seered animal flesh may be akin to bathing in napalm, drying off with an asbestos towel, brushing your teeth with arsenic, and then getting in (your death)bed.

“It’s my choice not to consume meat because it causes cancer. That choice has been taken away from me.”

A shift manager from Greggs told Metro the incident was handled aptly:

“We have a fix-it-now company policy where we offer the customer a refund straight away. ‘If they don’t accept that then we will put them through to head office. She definitely received an apology – it is company standard.”


A spokesman for the comapany assured, “We have apologised to the customer for this incident. We’ve taken great care to try and prevent this from happening and are investigating to ensure this situation can be avoided in the future.”

Sharleen posted three videos about the trauma to YouTube, where she offered the following:

“My body is poisoned for life now, you know.”

“If I was allergic to pork or any of the ingredients that were inside that dirty sausage, I literally could have died. Some people, namely meat eaters, might think I’m over exaggerating but I could have died.”

Imagine how much harder WW2 woulda been, had the Japanese fired bullets of bacon.

Thankfully — as it turns out — Sharleen may come through the shellshocking experience biologically unscathed.

As noted by the The Daily Wire, the BBC reports an Annals of Internal Medicine study revealed that “if 1,000 people cut out three portions of red or processed meat every week for a lifetime, there would be seven fewer deaths from cancer.”

On Tuesday, I quoted Bill Maher as saying, “They are certainly more fragile than previous generations. Trigger warnings. Safe spaces. Crying rooms. Microaggressions. That crowd feels like anything that upsets their tender sensibilities is completely out of line.”


Sharleen got, not only upset, but an upset stomach. Here’s hoping for her eventual recovery.

And society’s.



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