An 'Antifa' Twitter Account Posts an Image of Armed Young People Ready for 'Civil War.' How Far Fetched is it?



On Monday, a Twitter account calling itself “Antifa Action of America” posted a harrowing image to Twitter.

The account, whose only description of itself is the same as its featured photo — “F*** America” — displayed a photo of men and women wearing red bandanas and camouflage and holding large rifles.


The caption:

“We’re ready for your #CivilWar2, Fascists.”

Now, of course, that account could’ve been created by a 12-year-old who’s about as much Antifa as a tomato. And the people pictured may be wholly unrelated.

But I ask you: How close is the above photo to a future reality?

An ironically-named pro-fascist organization is wreaking havoc in the streets, and they’re not afraid of violence.

They don’t seem to be going away any time soon — the video below reveals a recent moment in Ontario, Canada, and some Democrats in the public square have endorsed the group. In fact, after black-masked goons were arrested in Boston for assaulting police officers, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tried to help them get out of jail (here).


Just a few weeks ago, a Democratic nominee announced during a debate he would absolutely confiscate Americans’ legally owned firearms. The best-selling hunting rifle in the country, no less.

The crowd erupted in cheers (here).

That surely deeply concerned many gun owners.

There really is talk of civil war as of late — just search Twitter for the words and see what comes up — it isn’t the Avengers movie.

Thus far, Congress has refused to label Antifa a terrorist organization (here), and their trajectory doesn’t look good:

Factions are warring.

A congresswoman is promising to “Impeach the Mother****er” (here).

We need a return to civility.

Anyway, considering current mechanisms and present rhetoric, what are your thoughts on all this? I want to hear from you.


I look forward to it.



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