Woman's Boyfriend Shoots Her in the Head, but She Forgets for Almost Two Months so They Keep Dating

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[Screenshot from Twitter, https://twitter.com/whnt/status/1177696919713456129?]


“Not tonight, dear, I have a headache.”

So goes the ol’ lame excuse.


But Nicole Gordon of Atlanta really had a solid reason for sittin’ out an amorous episode or two: The potential sexy-time needs of her boyfriend, Jerrontae Cain, notwithstanding, she did have a sizable noggin throb.

And not only that, but there was an even more substantial reason the 42-year-old may have wanted to take a raincheck on any Carnal Cruise to Pleasureland: Jerrontae had shot her in the head.

Normally, such an event might cause a relationship to downright fall apart, but the two sojourned on for nearly a couple months.

However, a family member eventually encouraged Nicole to hoof it to the hospital over her terrible pounding above the neck.

And doctors were shocked by what they found: There was a lead slug embedded at the base of her skull.

Nicole was just as surprised. Apparently, the impact had caused her to lose her memory. She had no idea she’d been shot.

She’d only recalled arguing with Jerrontae in their car while she was driving, and that the driver’s side window had shattered and fallen on her, knocking her unconscious. Also, the car had crashed into a tree.


It’s hard to imagine Jerrontae’s surprise when she woke up and was all, “My head hurts. But you wanna get some waffles?”

Actually, it didn’t happen quite that way, but close enough: They went to his mom’s house and treated a cut to the back of her head, which she thought was from the glass.

On the other side of an issued warrant, Jerrontae Cain, 39, was taken into custody after being found hiding in an attic.

This January.

The incident occurred in 2017.

Jerrontae took it like a pro — he’d been arrested 13 times before.

At trial, Nicole’s friends testified her ex had been physically abusive in the past.

As reported by The Daily Mail, doctors have declined to remove the bullet in Nicole’s head, for fear the procedure would kill her.

But in the end, thank God, Nicole found freedom. And her firearmin’ former flame got fitted for a jailbird jumpsuit. He’ll be wearing it for 25 years.

Given that turnabout’s fair play, the previously-impassioned pistoleer had better watch out — they have love guns in prison, too. But I don’t think they go for the back of the head. Their aim’s a little…lower.

As Jerrontae may soon himself find out — and as the 1976 superhit says — “Love hurts.”




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