Climate Activists are Asked if They Love the Green New Deal. Apparently, They Weren't Expecting This Follow-Up Question



We’ve reached a hip new place in society where you can love stuff even though you don’t know what it is.

These days, it’s boss to just go with the flow; if you’ve heard from someone that something’s great, wrap that thing in warm affection.


Heck, if you’ve got the time, put it on a sign, hoof it to the public square, and scream it out ’til your neck veins pop.

Don’t know what some of the words you’re shouting even mean? Stop being such a S-Q-U-A-R-E. It’s cool, Daddy-O.

Ya gotta learn to not overthink things.

Take the Green New Deal, for instance.

Green is awesome — it’s the color of weed and money, and Kermit the Frog.

And the thing’s New — that’s always better than crummy Old.

And who doesn’t love a deal?

It’s like socialism — what’s wrong with being social?

Whatever you’ve heard — about anything — shout that $!*@.

Get out there and just love the stuff. And if ya can, cry and sweat and crap your pants and block roads and beat up people. Stop worrying about what anything means, just do it — ’cause you’re already right.

Amid Friday’s climate strike in Washington, D.C. — which shut down 22 major intersections (here) — The Daily Caller asked folks what they thought about frequent-flyer AOC’s emerald bid to eliminate air travel, redo every building everywhere (here), and aspire to plugging those poor cows’ rectums (here).

People liked it.

Then they were asked, essentially, what it is.

They were like Fonzie.

Check out the video above.

And if you find the time today, just think of something you’ve heard recently, go to a park, throw rocks at trees, and scream it ’til you lose your voice. It’s lookin’ like that kind of stuff changes laws.


‘Preciate it, WorldChanger.



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