Beto Jedi Knights His Way Toward Victory: Tremendous Condemnation Over Gun Confiscation Only Proves He's 'Doing Something Right'



You know how you know you’re doing something right? When everybody tells you you’re doing it wrong.

Or something like that.

So seems to be the thinking of one Robert O’Rourke, otherwise mysteriously known at Beto.


The revolutionary recently announced he’ll be getting to the Oval Office just in time to steal America’s most popular hunting rifle from any home that has it.

Bold move for a guy who was once charged with burglary.

Previously, he explained to the country that no one on earth was good enough for it but him (here).

Before that, he told everyone their lifestyles of American excess had starved South and Central Americans and caused illegal immigration (here).

Before that, he claimed that he — a man who inherited millions and who married into a half-billion-dollar fortune — completely opposed privileged wealth and would seek and destroy it wherever it may roam (here).

[Except his own, as it’s turned out.]

And he also showed us he could change a tire without getting dirty, and flip a burger without getting elected.

And that’s called a “campaign.”

Recently, Beto rejoiced in the condemnation of not only President Trump but the Senate leader of his own party, Chuck Schumer.

In Oakland Thursday, while speaking at that great bastion of political proselytizing — the veritable modern-day Lincoln-style stump — a marijuana distillery, it was high-fives all around:

“It shows me we are doing something right.”

Interesting read.

On Wednesday, Chuck had peeled the pilferer, saying he “didn’t know of any other Democrat who agrees” with gun-grabbin’.


So now Beto was shucking Schumer:

“Ask Chuck Schumer what he’s been able to get done. We still don’t have [universal] background checks. Didn’t have them when he was in the majority either. So, you know, the game that he’s played, the politics that he’s pursued have given us absolutely nothing. And have produced a situation where we lose nearly 40,000 of our fellow Americans every year.”

Of course, we’ve had a string of terrible crimes as of late that background checks wouldn’t have — or didn’t — stop.

But Beto’s a man of the people:

“What [Chuck] may not know, but what I hear loud and clear, because I’m traveling the country listening to my fellow Americans, is that the people are there.”

He certainly did receive a mighty holler from his “Hell yeah” at the last debate:

Heck — I mean, Hell — yeah — Beto even made T-shirts:


But there’s more.

As reported by The Daily Wire:

While Schumer has largely remained silent on the issue after his initial remarks to reporters, O’Rourke has continued to defend himself against the Senate’s top Democrat. O’Rourke’s presidential campaign swiftly sent out fundraising emails illustrating the popularity of a nationwide gun-grab among Democrats, and O’Rourke tweeted his case to the minority leader multiple times.

But here’s a bit of curiosity: The man who’s sure that denouncement proves he’s doing something right knows the totality of his words and actions have put him in the low single digits. Somehow that’s the key to a win?

As told to The New York Times:

“Over the last five weeks, I’ve just been focused on saying what’s on my mind, being myself. And not really in the slightest being interested in polls, or how things poll, or what you’re supposed to say.”

It sounds as if he’s following the Cory Booker model — in August, Farticus explained that his road to victory was the path of being the thing people don’t want (here).

It’s hard to keep up with the wizardry of contemporary political pursuit. These guys are next-level.

Nevertheless, I don’t imagine theft as a virtue in the realm of popular vote.

But maybe I’m wrong.


2020 looms large.

May the best man who is the worst man lose which is definitely not losing and is actually winning.

Sounds like a win to me.



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