A Woman Packing a Glock Confronts Beto Over His 'Evil' Confiscation Plan: 'Hell No, You're Not!' (Video)

[Screenshot from Jon Murray via Twitter, https://twitter.com/JonMurray/status/1174843068891033600]
[Screenshot from Jon Murray via Twitter, https://twitter.com/JonMurray/status/1174843068891033600]


I can’t imagine anything sillier than the idea that taking guns away from people who obey the law — that is to say, making sure only criminals have that firepower — could possibly result in improved safety.


It’s not just short-sightedness; it’s a complete lack of the most basic consideration of the particulars, in my view.

But apparently, not everybody agrees with me. Listen to that group cheer like it’s goin’ outta style:

Nevertheless, the idea’s got other critics.

At an event in Aurora, Colorado Thursday, Beto Confiscate-O was confronted by one — Lauren Boebert, owner of Shooters Grill.

The mom of four countered O’Rourke’s “Hell yeah” with her own:

“Gun-owning Americans who heard your speech and heard what you had to say regarding ‘Hell yes, we’re going to take your AR-15s and AK-47s’ — Well, I am here to say, ‘Hell no, you’re not.’”

The crowd wasn’t much for it.

Still, she called Beto’s plan “evil”:

“I would like to know how you intend to legislate evil because it is not the gun, it is the heart of the man that does that. We all have stories. Excuse me.”


The nay-sayers were naying like Mustangs. But their horsin’ around couldn’t put a hitch in her giddyup.

And if you’re wonderin’ about Shooters Grill, by the way, it’s a place where the waitstaff practices open carry:

As The Denver Post put it, “The award-winning barbecue comes with a gun on the side.”

That’s who was holding the mic, who wasn’t fazed by the boos.

Beto still tried to assist: “Let’s allow her to finish. Please, please, please, please.”

Lauren laid it out:

“We all have these stories. We all have these experiences. I was living in Aurora during Columbine. I had just recently moved when the Aurora shootings happened. Yet I have very close ties here. Yet all of those people were there defenseless. They had no way to defend themselves against a crazed shooter, so I want to know how you intend to legislate the hearts of men and leave American citizens like myself, American mothers. I have four children. I’m 5 foot zero, one hundred pounds, cannot really defend myself with a fist.”

She can’t? Lauren must not’ve been to the movies in a while. As Hollywood has mercilessly shown us lately, if she’d only just punch a 200-pound man with her Kermit the Frog arm, he’d fly 10 feet back. After all, men and women are athletically the same.

But the chick thinks she needs a gun. Therefore, as reported by The Washington Free Beacon, Lauren told a man in the audience she was packin’ a Glock.


His response?

“Well, you shouldn’t have that.”

She went on to reference Beto’s past (dropped) burglary charge:

“We all know that you, sir, have a criminal history, and I understand that burglars do not like armed defense. Burglars do not like armed defense, yet that is a right that we have that shall not be infringed in America.”

The restaurant owner recounted an experience wherein a man was beaten to death in an alley near her business:

“He lost his life that night, and it kinda shook me up. I was there alone a lot and I thought, ‘What am I gonna do? What am I gonna do if something happens? What if somebody comes in here? My husband isn’t here to protect me. I’m all alone.’ And really, that’s what got me to open-carry.”

Shortly thereafter, her waitstaff wanted to do the same.

She continued:

“We’ve become a voice for the Second Amendment, and it’s a voice I’m proud to have. There are so many voices darkening the Second Amendment, and I’m proud to be a part of those standing and taking their place and saying, ‘No, we rightfully own our firearms and we’re responsible with them.’”

Lauren ain’t playin’, and she’s not alone. And Beto’s shot himself in the foot.


Fortunately for those disturbed by his desire to steal their guns, thanks to his disclosure, he won’t be in a position to do so any time soon.

But will someone else?

Enjoy the video above.

And if you’re hankerin’ for fries and firearms, check out Shooters.



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