Republican Senator Praises Beto's Honesty, Compares Anti-Confiscation Dems to Bigfoot



On Thursday, Republican Louisiana Sen. John Kennedy had kind words for own-worst-enemy candidate Beto O’Rourke.

John’s grateful for the punk rockin’ onesie-wearer’s honesty when it comes to his intention to confiscate America’s most popular hunting rifle.


Speaking to Fox News host Sandra Smith, the senator praised O’Rourke, who married into a half-billion dollar fortune but promises to fight the country’s privileged millionaires:

“Look, there are two groups of people behind these bills. There’s a group of people who, I think in good faith, honestly believe that further curtailing our Second Amendment rights will enhance public safety. But there’s another group that just hates the Second Amendment, and I want to thank Congressman Beto O’Rourke for being honest — I mean, his honesty was refreshing.”

Beto appears — as do many, many, many, many MANY people sounding off on guns — to know absolutely nothing about them. On Thursday, he simultaneously vowed to steal citizens’ hunting rifles while clarifying that they’ll still have their hunting rifles (here).

John believes the 2020 hopeful must’ve lost a page or two, but he ain’t the only one:

“Beto’s copy of the Bill of Rights goes from one to three. Mine includes the Second Amendment. But there are a whole host of people here in Washington D.C. — not all of my Democratic friends, but many of my Democratic friends — they don’t believe in the Second Amendment.”

The Louisiana man told Fox those who don’t believe there are lots of Betos are livin’ in denial:


“They would be happy to confiscate America’s guns. And if you don’t believe that, then you probably also still believe in Big Foot. I mean, it’s a fact and everybody up here knows it.”

It seems to me that Beto must have a Big Foot, because he keeps shooting himself in it.

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As for any real-world legislation, will the parties come to some agreement on expanding background checks?
Sen. John had this to say:

“I wouldn’t bet my house on it, and if I were betting your house, I’d probably say maybe. We’ve got to see what the proposals are first. The president’s opinion matters. I met with Bill Barr yesterday. I think the White House sent him up here because most people in the Senate have great respect for him.”

But the 2nd Amendment still stands:

“The Bill of Rights isn’t an a la carte menu, Sandra. The Second Amendment is just as important as the Fourth and the First.”




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