Pro-Communist 'Revolution Club' Protests Trump's Visit by Burning an American Flag in Front of the Beverly Hills Hotel. Why?

[Screenshot from Revolution Club Los Angeles via Twitter,]
[Screenshot from Revolution Club Los Angeles via Twitter,]


On Tuesday, Trump attended a Los Angeles fundraiser hosted by GOP donor Geoffrey Palmer.


In front of the Beverly Hills Hotel, pro-communist Revolution Club Los Angeles protested the President’s visit by chanting “America was never great!”

Oh, and they also burned the nation’s flag.

As reported by the New York Post, fights with counter-protestors ensued.

The group summed up a whole lot in a tweet, complete with video of the burning Banner (I apologize for the language, but I believe the clip is worth watching):

“When a fascist who’s torturing ppl in concentration camps, threatening Iran, & attacking the homeless comes to your city… What do YOU do? While most ppl in LA stayed home, a determined group from the Rev Club sent a msg 2 Trump: **** you & the sh**hole system u rule over!”

The “America was never great” war cry eventually evolved into “Humanity First!”


In case you’re wondering, Revolution Club is no fan of Democrats, either. Here’s a statement to that effect, along with more video of the insanity:

It’s something I’ll never understand — all those people could’ve been at home eating Jell-O, or at a job earning money to buy Jell-O. Instead, they wanted to spend their Tuesday doing that.

A Trump supporter told KCAL 9 he was let down by the whole thing:

“I was very disappointed in both sides. I took a neutral stance. I just stood there with my sign the whole time, but the burning of the flag really hurt.”

Also: What do people think they’re accomplishing by standing on a sidewalk and yelling, “America was never great”? What, in their minds, is that changing? What is the purpose?

I love chocolate pudding, but yelling it from the curb doesn’t make a difference.


What, in these people’s minds, are they doing?




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