The BBC Releases a Lesson Plan for 9-Year-Olds: There Are More Than 100 Genders. Disagree and Go to Jail



Okay, boys and girls. And goys. and birls. And…a whole buncha stuff.

Here’s some news.

The BBC has released a collection of educational videos for tykes between 9 and 12 years old. As per the instructionals, there are not 2, not 3 not 10, but more than 100 “gender identities.”


Holy Toledo.

That’s a whole lot of variations on the penis and vagina; how could anyone keep up? I can’t even remember the Waffle House’s options for hash browns.

If you’re asking similar questions, you’re just slow: According to the videos, folks who aren’t adjusted to the 100+ options “just don’t know any better yet.”

Furthermore, those dinosaurs — you dinosaurs — could go to jail.

In one installment titled “Understanding Sexual and Gender Identities,” kids are informed that gender is whatever “you are inside.”

And off we go:

“There are so many gender identities. So we know we’ve got male and female, but there are over 100 — if not more — gender identities now.

“You’ve got some people who might call themselves gender queer,” the series pointes out, “who are just like, ‘I don’t really want to be anything in particular; I’m just going to be me.'”

The Daily Wire describes other content:

The video includes Leo Lardie, a transgender activist born female but who now identifies as male, who tells the children about her transition — including some talk about her own genitalia. She also tells the children that the only way to happiness for her was to be “true about who I was, and let other people in on this.”

Elsewhere in the series, called “The Big Talk,” a teacher tells children that they can be jailed if they are found to be “disrespecting or being hateful to people because of a difference that person perceives.”


One thing that’s cool about gender is that you don’t even have to be one of the 100+ choices. As the program explains, if you prefer — just like at Burger King — you can get the combo deal:

“So we know that some people might feel like they are two different genders, so people might think they’re bi-gender.”


Bye, gender.

With so many options, it seems that, ultimately, “gender” means nothing at all.



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