A Prominent Publication Mocked My Suggestion that the Left Wants Confiscation. How're We Lookin' Now?



The world’s spinnin’ fast, folks.

A portion of Democrats seems to have gone from “Take your guns? That’s silly” to a proud-as-a-peacock clap for confiscation.


In May of 2018, I wrote an article titled “Santa Fe Tragedy And The Mind Of The Left: A Primer.”

Here’s some of what I had to say:

The Left want your guns, and they want them now.

The Left want your guns, and they want them now.

The Left want your guns, and they want them now.

That is the overwhelming conclusion from the media coverage of Fridays’ shooting in Texas. Horribly, ten were killed at Santa Fe High School; immediately, the Left — in the political, news, and entertainment realms — began their quest for your guns.

They want your guns.

I explained:

[T]o some people walking around at this very moment, the way to solve the problem of one bad guy with a gun who is willing to break the law by murdering the masses…is to disarm all good people with guns who are willing to follow the law and capable of defending themselves.

A writer at the famed Village Voice, just 3 days later, published the piece “After Santa Fe Shooting, Have Conservatives Shot Their Wads?

The author seemed to have composed a rather detailed emotional narrative of all the thoughts, fears, desires, and treachery lurking in the minds of those on the Right:

Several gun massacres ago, when Sandy Hook happened, conservatives seemed at first stunned — not at the deaths of twenty children and six adults, but at the unprecedented bad publicity this meant for their NRA donors. But they quickly recovered and bravely fought for the right of every crackpot and psychopath to have as many killing sticks as he could pay for.

That obviously worked, and the brethren cruised untouchably through a number of other such slaughters — at Santa Barbara, Umpqua, Orlando, Colorado Springs, Sutherland Springs, and so on and on — under a cloud cover of Thoughts and Prayers, always focused on the real victims (themselves, as law-abiding People of the Gun persecuted by “prayer-shaming” liberals) and never giving an inch.

But then the Parkland massacre happened, and the fierce response of those kids threw conservatives off balance. And it seems to have them wrong-footed still, judging by their clumsy response to last week’s school shooting in Santa Fe, Texas.



The article even referred to “NRA deputy Riefenstahl Dana Loesch,” apparently referring to Nazi propaganda film director Leni Riefenstahl.

Lots and lots of incendiary language mixed with a few truckloads of assumptions. But wait — there’s more.

Among mentions of Sean Hannity and National Review’s David French, the author took aim at Yours Truly.

Accordingly — if I understood correctly — I was a weirdo around a campfire, telling spooky and ridiculous stories to get everybody riled up over phony nonsense.

Oh — and, apparently, I’m a hardcore firearms-phile. When did this dude get to know me?

Here we go:

While these guys wrote alibis for their precious equalizers, hardcore firearm-philes held flashlights under their chins at the campfire and retold their Gun Grabber ghost story greatest hits.

“The Left wants your guns, and they want them now,” wrote Alex Parker of RedState. “The Left wants your guns, and they want them now. The Left wants your guns, and they want them now.” See the pattern? “Horribly, ten were killed at Santa Fe High School,” Parker went on; “immediately, the Left — in the political, news, and entertainment realms — began their quest for your guns. They want your guns…” You get the idea. (Final line: “They. Want. Your. Guns.” Why fool with a winning formula?)


Sounded as if I was a reeeal nut pushing the completely absurd idea that the left wing of politics would like to take guns from non-criminal Americans.

Well, how’re we lookin’ now:

That would be, the most popular hunting rifle in America, rarely used in violent crime.

As for the video above, note the uproarious applause.

Not that Beto’s the only pioneer; how ’bout a little bit o’ this:

Although, Dianne’s 1995 endorsement of abolition wasn’t given the embrace it might receive today.

Anyway, I’ve gotta go — the flashlight needs new batteries, and the campfire’s already gettin’ dim. Tonight’s totally-made-up ghost story: Democratic candidates’ support for late-term abortion.



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