Pioneer David Hogg Changes His Tune - the Cause of Violence in America is No Longer Guns



We’re living in an age where people who seem to know nothing are being told they know everything.

Such looks to be true of David Hogg.

But he can’t be blamed for being wholly ignorant and completely inexperienced in the world — he’s 19. He’s not supposed to know anything.


When the horrendous Marjory Stonemen Douglas High shooting occurred in 2018, the media selected a group of students who were anti-gun — that would be, the press excluded all students who were not anti-gun — and then pushed them into the camera with evident whispers of, “Just say things as if you know. Because you magically do. It’s a miracle — you just know stuff. Speak as if it’s so.”

The result was a cringefest of gullible teens being used by people who knew better.

Observing young people with absolutely no perspective whatsoever claim themselves the saviors of society as they’d realized what, for some unknown reason, all humans before them had failed to see…watching them on television shout the naive mantra that, because of them, there would never be another mass shooting…was awful. They were being used as pawns toward a political end, unaware of any real-world mechanisms: the intricacies of danger and defense, the wheels of government and how they (don’t) turn, the history of crime vs availability of guns, and the sophistication of factors in the commission and rise of violent crime — morality, psychiatric medication, religion, media, the disintegration of the family, plus all the other things people argue about where murders are concerned.

But, perhaps, most of all, the unprepared adolescents didn’t understand the realities of the 11-minute news cycle. A gaggle of the fresh-faced believed the future was all theirs.


It wasn’t.

It’s no group’s.

The media pick a story and ride it ’til the ratings wane. Then it’s on to the next thing. Buh-bye.

But David Hogg seems intent upon being that person — the one he was told he was, by a media mass that gave him a 4-second spotlight.

He’s still popping up every now and then.

But the wave that swept him from teenage anonymity seems to have only served to keep him bubbled.

Here’s what he had to say Friday night, on MSNBC (courtesy of The Daily Caller). About gun violence and its cause — the one we’re all aware of: white supremacy.

David seems to have moved on to a recent fave of the far Left:

“I think [violence in America] comes down to reckoning with our history, and our history of white supremacy in the United States, and the fact that we live in a post-genocidal society, oftentimes that was orchestrated by the United States government and that, if we want to talk about mass shootings, we have to recognize the massive number of indigenous mass shootings that were committed by the United States government.”

His use of “indigenous” is, of course, wrong. All people born in the U.S. are indigenous to it.

“I think back to the Battle of Wounded Knee and the several hundred Native Americans, predominantly men, women and children that were slaughtered by the United States government back in the 19th century and how that’s never discussed as a mass shooting, right, and that’s wrong, because those people were not armed and we were stealing their land.”


He “thinks back” to Wounded Knee?? Has he been lying about his age?

“I think it comes down to reckoning with the tough history and realizing that, it’s okay if you recognize the actual history of the United States, it’s okay to hate that injustice that much of this country has been founded on and much of the oppression that this country was founded on. That doesn’t mean you hate America because it means you love your fellow Americans so much that you don’t want to repeat the same mistakes we’ve made in the past.”

To be clear, one need only read the writings of William Bradford to understand American Indians were not viewed justly by some of the early settlers.

As for David Hogg, perhaps this will be his new crusade — the fight against white racist America.

If so, maybe he’s learned more than I thought — he’s changing his rhetoric to fit the passing preference of the moment.

But it won’t make America safer. Only a change of dark hearts will do that.

In the meantime, at least he’s got his strange narcissism:



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