Joe Biden Rats Out Hillary: He Told Her How to Handle the 'Access Hollywood' Thing, but She Ignored Him



On Friday, former VP Joe Biden told a New Hampshire rally audience that Hillary Clinton fouled up in 2016 by remarking upon then-candidate Donald Trump’s Access Hollywood hubbub.


Just days after the tape was released, Hillary had her 2nd debate against New York’s famed eccentric billionaire. And Clinton was aimin’ to take that tape and play it all the way to victory.

But according to Obama’s right-hand man, Joe told Hil not to bite.

The Washington Examiner relayed Biden’s claims of political perceptiveness:

“I remember at the time saying, you know, the first question that’s going to be asked is they’re going to ask [Trump] about his comments about the Access Hollywood tape.

“And I said, I really think what should be done is — that they’re going to turn to [Clinton] and say, ‘What’s your view?’ And I said I’d respectfully recommend she stand there and…say, ‘Everybody knows who Donald Trump is. Let me tell you what I am going to do for the country,’ and not get into the debate, because it just drags it down.”

That was probably good advice — after all, we’re talking about the Teflon Don(ald).

And Hillary had an uphill trek in order to reach the White House, due to a decades-long history of scandal.

Not to mention husband Bill’s well-known penchant for the ladeeez — less than strong ground from which to condemn Trump.


Joe also pointed to a Harvard study indicating candidates fare better when they stick to “comfortable” subject matter.

Brian Fallon — Hillary’s former senior aide — disagrees with ol’ Joe.

He commented on the pulpit posits to BuzzFeed:

“Is he suggesting Hillary’s reaction to the Access Hollywood tape should have been, ‘Oh, nevermind? That is a pretty Mad Men-era mentality.”

As noted by The Daily Caller, Hillary’s more Team Brian.

She made that clear at April’s Women in the World Summit:

“You do have to present what you want to do – what is your vision? At the same time, you must be able to counter and ignore where possible, respond where necessary, to the diversion and distraction that we see, unfortunately, working by the current incumbent in the White House.”



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