Three More Retailers Join Walmart and Kroger in Their Ban of Open-Carry Firearms, and CVS Redefines Itself



On Tuesday, I covered Walmart’s request that customers no longer exercise their right to open carry inside its stores (here and here).

The reason? Despite a recent heartbreaking tragedy that saw 22 killed at the chain’s El Paso location, CEO Doug McMillon insisted that the employment of such right has “frightened or concerned [Walmart’s] associates and customers.”


Kroger made a similar change.

Well, now three more retailers have joined the call for no more open carry in their places of business: Welcome to the group, Wegman’s, Walgreens, and CVS.

So…what’s the move here?

Citizens utilizing open carry aren’t likely to keep a concealed rig in their trunk just for running to the store; therefore, these chains are trying to prevent good guys with guns from coming in. The policies do nothing, of course, to deter criminals from carrying in their guns.

And how is it that a mass shooting — a murderous act on the part of armed bad buys against defenseless good guys — serves as inspiration for increased vulnerability?

Beyond requesting no more open carry, CVS went so far as to ask customers not to carry in any way.

CVS = Consummate Victims for Shooters?

Wegman’s explained their reason for not letting law-abiding customers wear protection — safety:

Walgreens can tweet, too:


Here’s a bit of Shannon Watts:

Someone loved Walgreens’s news:

Three cheers for safety!–

And what the heck?–

In fairness, I give Rstandiego high marks for comedy and creativity:

I bet he can whistle real good with that tooth.

CVS wants to sing:

I guess everyone has their own way of protecting themselves. And others.


For a growing number of stores, that method’s sure an interesting one.



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