Julian Castro Saves the World, One Problem at a Time. Previously: Pregnant Men; This Week: Racist White Weather



What’s the worst kind of environmental event? The racist kind.

And you how do you worsen racism? Make it environmental.

Fortunately, for cases in which the two team up, Julián Castro is ready to rumble.


During CNN’s town hall Wednesday, a male nurse in the audience claimed his patients “suffer the most from climate change” as victims of “environmental racism.”

Julián was all too familiar, so he jumped right in. And to be clear, the 1940s were right: There are only two races — white and non-white (currently “people of color”).

“I know that too often times it’s people who are poor, communities of color, who take the brunt of storms that are getting more frequent and more powerful.”

So if a Chinese guy moves into a white Texas neighborhood, his house will be targeted by the cyclone? Perhaps so go jerk tornadoes.

But Julián’s on the job:

“My plan actually calls for new civil rights legislation to be able to address environmental injustice.”

Castro also said he can “connect the dots to places like Flint, Michigan,” and he’s intent upon giving folks the “tools to fight back” where the “tremendous injustice” of environmental racism is concerned.


That sounds like a tall order, but there are tall problems that need tending.

Will Julián make it the the White House? That remains to be seen. Surely many a hateful hurricane is hoping he fails.



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