Is Hollywood All Left? A 'Seinfeld' Star Shatters the Myth, Counters Debra Messing, and Reminds Us of Something Great



In case you haven’t heard, two stars of NBC’s Will & Grace recently tweeted their wishes to expose and refuse to work with anyone in Hollywood supporting Donald Trump:


It seems that wouldn’t do a lot of harm, given that the public are the ones who elected him.

Regardless, Debra’s co-star affirmed his likemindedness:

Such an attitude doesn’t seem to be an anomaly in Tinseltown, but it’s not the only game in town.

So conveyed Seinfeld’s fantastic J. Peterman — actor John O’Hurley — on Fox News program America’s News HQ Monday.

John explained there’s more diversity in the land of the beautiful people than you might think. But conservatives tend to be lone wolves:

“I think they have the bully pulpit right now to say it out loud. I don’t think it permeates Hollywood to the degree that you think it is. I think there is a nature among liberal thinkers to form packs, to form groups, whereas the conservative mind is basically an individual, and they’re tougher to find.”


As for Eric’s and Debra’s tweets, John spoke well of the two while characterizing their doxxing disposition as silly:

“Let me just say I’m embarrassed for both of them because I know them both. I’ve worked with Debra before. They’re both smart people…they do wonderful work. But they’re pushing a case that falls apart from the sheer weight of its lunacy, as though the Hollywood community needs to be purged of this social and intellectual hygiene problem called conservative thinking. It underscores the fact that ‘We aren’t receptive to a diversity of thought,’ which is the exact opposite of what you feel the liberal way would be. And I find that obscene.”

He’s seen it firsthand:

“Every time I have mentioned that I supported Trump in this election, people get vicariously angry at me, and they don’t believe that it’s possible that someone might think differently than they do. There is a band of conservatism in Hollywood, but it leans so much to one side that it doesn’t allow for free discussion.”

Diversity of thought can be enriching, as the hilarious actor noted in his recollection of the good ol’ Seinfeld days:


“It’s very difficult to be a conservative in Hollywood. Even though there are many of us, you do feel you are an island fighting the storm… all viewpoints must be observed and respected. At the same time we are supporting free thinking, we also have to support free receptors – people that will allow other ideas to infect them. Some of the best convos I’ve ever had on Seinfeld…were with Michael Richards, who thinks totally different than I do. I couldn’t wait to present him with an issue because I was always interested in his perspective. Brian Cranston…is the complete opposite of me. We can sit for hours and discuss an idea…not with the premise of trying to convince each other.”

There it is — the open, respectful, civil discussion of ideas. That can be a wonderful thing. It’s something we could use much more of, in this climate of closed ears mimicking the minds in between them.

As for Debra, I think she deserves some, well, Grace. The actress has previously suffered her own dealings with the mob:

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