SJW's Cancel Johnny Depp's 'Racist' Cologne Ad, But the Company's Statement Shows Just How Ignorant the Outrage Mob is

In this image released by Disney, Johnny Depp portrays Jack Sparrow in a scene from "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales." (Disney via AP)
In this image released by Disney, Johnny Depp portrays Jack Sparrow in a scene from “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.” (Disney via AP)



So far as I can tell, we’re at a place where the mere showing or mentioning of a particular thing is considered condemnation of it in some way.

I haven’t quite figured it all out, but that’s the way it appears.

Therefore, a new cologne ad which, seemingly, positively portrays traditional American Indian culture — has been pulled due to its “racism.”

That would be, racism: The judgement of someone solely based on their race.

If you can connect the dots here, please do so in the Comments section.

Regardless, the commercial — starring Johnny Depp — is toast.

As reported by Fox News, brand Dior pulled its commercials for the $150 cologne “Sauvage” Friday. The campaign couldn’t even make it 24 hours before the outrage mob canceled it:

Early Friday night, the French luxury giant started wiping “We are the Land” teaser videos of the “authentic journey deep into the Native American soul,” which was set for release Sept. 1 from Twitter and Instagram after widespread backlash online. Beyond the imagery, many were upset by the language used by the campaign.

The ad could be said to be hilarious — in the way many cologne promotions are — in that it’s a ridiculously ethereal and pretentious way of saying, “Put this juice on you, and you won’t stink.” But that’s the cologne biz.


In addition to all that, is it offensive?

Wait — here’s something: “Sauvage,” according to some, means “savage.” AHA.

Maybe the outrage mob isn’t so dumb after all.

Consider this:

People on Twitter had a lot to say:

It should be noted that that isn’t an employed stereotype; it’s a featured component of history. A stereotype would be something which characterizes all members of a group.


As for the word, one user made a correction:

That sounds right.

In fact, Johnny gives the word a French pronunciation.

Some loved the ad:

In a statement to Fox Business, Dior explained its intent:

The Parfums Christian Dior project is a part of AIO’s Advance Indigeneity Campaign to change the misperceptions about Native Americans, to share accurate American history, to build awareness about Native Americans as contemporary peoples and to promote Indigenous worldviews.. AIO supports Native American art, films, books, and other forms of Indigenous pop culture. Through the Advance Indigeneity Campaign, AIO continues to work at an international level with schools and universities to build innovative curriculum for and by Native peoples. We are very proud of this collaboration with AIO on the new ad campaign for Sauvage.”

Well, guess we’re back to dumb.

Will the outrage mob respond with, “Oh. We’re goobs”?


I’d say their capacity for capitulation stinks.

Maybe it could use some juicy Sauvage.



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