You've Gotta See it: Unlike Everyone Else in the Heavily-Armed Robbery, a Fearless Man Stays, Lights a Cigarette (VIDEO)

[Screenshot from Facebook,]
[Screenshot from Facebook,]


How cool are you?

Are you calm in a fire? Chilled in a tornado? Relaxed in a tsunami?


As a movie buff, I find myself constantly incensed by the lack of silver screen realism in tense situations — the bad-to-the-bone dude unshaken by the high stakes of grim death.

But — as reported by NBC 5 — in St. Louis, one man has proven me wrong: it actually can be realistic.

Early Wednesday morning, a middle-aged marauder with a very scary rifle invaded Behrmann’s Tavern, demanding everyone’s money and valuables.

People got down, and I don’t mean disco.

Everybody danced to the tune of fear, except one cool cucumber who wasn’t going to let himself be a victim of crime.

A guy at the end of the bar seemed almost oblivious to the heavily-armed robbery. I say “almost” because the intruder tried to take his phone. And he wouldn’t let him have it. The robber finally gave up.

Then the phenomenal Fonz lit a cigarette — like Dennis Hopper in True Romance.

Eventually, the thief came back around for a second attempt at seizing Mr. Cool’s goods. Again, he refused.

Perhaps inspired by his fellow barfly’s bodacious buzz, one patron got off the floor, took a stool, and fired up a cigarette himself.


You’ve gotta see the video.

You may be cool; but are you this cool?



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