Sean Hannity Dogs 'Super Patriot' James Comey Over DOJ Violations - He's Just 'a Leaker and a Liar'



On Thursday, Sean Hannity reacted to James Comey’s reported 26 violations while in service as FBI director.

According to a report by the DOJ’s Inspector General, James was guilty of drafting, leaking, and retaining written records of private discussion with the President.


Trump himself was certainly unimpressed:

Adding to the cacophony of critics — which, surprisingly, including CNN and MSNBC (here) — Sean condemned Comey:

“Today was the release of what is only a narrow sliver of information and it’s brutal. Tonight we do know James Comey is in fact not the super patriot he claims. We know him to be a leaker and a liar.”

The former chief’s defended himself on social media:

But many haven’t appreciated it:


Sean characterized James as, it may be said, just another dirty politician:

“[A]s it turns out, America’s self-proclaimed super patriot is nothing more than a dirty corrupt former bureaucrat that will be in serious, significantly legal jeopardy as this all unfolds.”

And the Fox host believes there’s more on the way:

“Another massive investigation which I believe will become the biggest part of all of this abuse of power and corruption, well that surrounds the origins of the Russia witch hunt. Now that probe — now being conducted by the attorney general and by John Durham — is now focused on how James Comey, how John Brennan, James Clapper, others weaponized the powerful tools of intelligence that we entrust to these brave men and women in our intelligence community and how they weaponized them against all things Donald Trump.”


The Russian collusion investigation and its hoopla in the media have been absolute madness. I’m of the opinion that it will never, ever end. It’s like Return of the Jedi’s Saarlac pit — the story and its accompanying insanity will be digested slowly over a thousand years.

And America’s already in the throes of indigestion.



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