Leaders Failing the Masses: Lindsey Graham Bottom-Lines the Obstacle to Immigration Reform, and it's Downright Pathetic



On Tuesday, Lindsey Graham laid out the greatest obstacle to any kind of meaningful fix on the issue of illegal immigration: Democrats are filled with completely overwhelming enmity toward Donald J. Trump.


Fox & Friends host Steve Doocy asked the senator:

“Why has such an important issue become so political?”

He was to the point:

“They hate Trump.”

He also offered a plan for success:

“Send people to Washington who don’t hate Trump.”

Well, they do say the simplest answer is usually the best one.

Linsdey claimed he’s been working to broker a deal to get things done. However, he explained, he can’t seem to fit in with either side of the aisle: He’s too wall-crazy for the Left and too much a hocker of “Grahamnesty” for the Right.

The congressman has, in fact, supported protection for Dreamers.

Furthermore, he’s been willing to endorse an extension for over 250,000 with Temporary Protected Status in exchange for funds to bolster the border’s barrier.

“I’ve done everything I know to do,” he insisted. “I’ve talked. I’ve turned blue in the face. I can’t get one Democrat to agree with me that you should apply for asylum in Central America or Mexico, not the United States because we don’t have the capability to deal with asylum claims. And most of them are fraudulent.”


He’s also sick of the fast release that allows the system to lose those initially held as a family unit:

“I can’t get one Democrat to agree to allow children to be held with their families humanely for 40, 50, or 100 days so we can process their claims. They literally want them to be released in the United States. They continue a practice of asylum being applied for in the United States that has a never-ending trail, and the trail to get here is terrible for women and children.”

To Lindsey, despite the complexity, it’s all one singular paradigm at work:

“They will not work with me, they will not work with President Trump.”

It’s easy to imagine he’s correct. We seemingly can’t go a day without a Democratic politician or media figure lobbing the most absolutely absurd ideas about the President.

The most absurd idea of all, though, is legislators that are too partisan — or too ridiculous — to get anything done.



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