Joe Biden's Cool New Campaign Strategy Seems Iffy: If You Think He's Too Old, Don't Vote for Him



On Saturday, Joe Cool had a message for voters: If they think he’s too old, they shouldn’t cast a Biden ballot.

As reported by NBC News journalist Amanda Golden, that’s what he told reporters in New Hampshire.


Was he saying it in order to appear young? A bit of rock and roll attitude?

Was he trying to be George Costanza, rebel?–

He does seem to be trying to swing groovier: On Friday, he told an audience he was “open to radical decarbonization” (he’s hiphere).

Saturday’s move doesn’t strike me as particularly smooth; I’m not a political strategist, but I’d guess that telling people not to vote for you isn’t a good way to get people to vote for you.

As for his age, Joe’s seemed a bit out of it as of late — as noted by RedState’s Bonchie Saturday, the former VP’s campaign’s become “a comedy of errors as gaffe after gaffe continues to pile up.”

Witness his expressed love for Vermont as he was standing in New Hampshire:


In the spirit of Quentin Tarantino, Joe recently rewrote history. Oddly, though, he only altered the decade. Joe, if you’re gonna make a change, let them survive:

And there was this strangeness:

But maybe he just really loves having friends and likes to say it.

Nothing wrong with that. And nothing wrong with not voting for him.

Hopefully, his health is okay.

Do you think telling people you don’t need their vote is a recipe for success? Let us all know in the Comments section.

But before you do that, here’s a montage of Joe’s questionable handling of…words and ideas:



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