He's Hip! He's Hip! Joe Biden Sizzles with Teenaged Heat as He Announces His Openness to 'Radical Decarbonization'



The oldest 2020 Democratic presidential candidate continues his effort to get hip.

On Friday, Joe Biden went the full monty on climate change, confirming his openness to “radical decarbonization.”


During a Hanover, New Hampshire town hall event, a lady in the audience posed the following:

“My concern is, right now, your climate plan doesn’t meet the demands of science. Will you change your climate plan so that there is a radical decarbonization of our transportation, energy, and our food systems?”

Cue Joe Cool:

“Absolutely, yes. There’s not a single solitary plan that can end all – no more emissions in 10 years, there’s not one anyone’s introduced in the whole world, anywhere.”

He’s hip! He’s hip!

Watch him be hip:

According to The Daily Caller, an advisor to Joe’s been trying to get him to lay low in the area of radical climate clamoring:

Symone Sanders, Biden’s senior adviser, urged the DNC to vote down the debate, saying it would be “dangerous territory in the middle of a Democratic primary process.”

Yet, from The Daily Wire:


Biden’s campaign has been accused of not taking the climate issue seriously by far-left members of the Democratic Party, especially after he was caught plagiarizing his climate plan on his campaign’s website.


Joe has some old-timer funk working against him — just see here and here. If you live long enough, you’re going to have said things on which people eventually look back and find antiquated and offensive.

Is Biden trying to use radicalism to give the appearance of revolutionary youthfulness?

I’d say it’s a good chance — he recently proclaimed, “I respect no borders and cannot be contained by any walls.”

He’s hip!

Luckily, no matter how insane Joe might come across, he can always use the newfangled Democratic Ace — pretend as if you were just joshin’.

Don’t believe me? Ask AOC:




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