Former NAACP Director Blasts Democrats' Black Voter Pandering with the Ludicrous Lure of Racial Reparations



On Wednesday, former NAACP Assistant Director Michael Meyers slammed the Democratic Party’s attempt to snag more black votes by way of reparations rhetoric.


Guesting on Fox News program The Daily Briefing, Michael added that the idea is ridiculous.

Host Dana Perino brought up a recent poll as well as a quote by a descendant of slaves:

“The idea for having reparations, all Americans polled at 29%. For black Americans, it polls at 73%. Michael, there’s a quote here from a descendant of slaves, Fred Lincoln. He said, ‘My ancestors were robbed of everything — their history, their identity, their culture. Giving me money is an insult to my ancestors’ suffering and all of my suffering.’ I don’t know if that’s your position, but maybe describe how you approach this.”

Michael didn’t mince words:

“My position is that this reparations debate is old. It’s passe. It’s a scam. It’s a hustle. It was brought up in the 1960s by people who wanted reparations from the churches. And then again from political leaders, from government. It’s fake. I remember in 1990, there was a ‘million youth’ march in Harlem. There weren’t a million people there. Reparations — they call for reparations. They had maybe 20, 25 people there.”

The idea of reparations certainly raises a whole lot of questions. How would you determine who descended from slaves? How about slave owners? Who would pay who? And how much? And how much is someone no longer living’s suffering worth to someone who endured none of it? And how much should someone who hasn’t done something have to pay for something done by someone they never met?


Michael believes no amount would suffice:

“Besides, they’re gone. They’re dead. The people are in the graves. The present generation, what are they talking about? If you had a reparations pot, everybody would be lined up. ‘I want my reparations. I want my check.’”

Dana pointed out that a dozen or so Democratic 2020 hopefuls have spoken in favor of reparations.

The erstwhile director isn’t impressed:

“Those Democrats are not mainstream. They’re pandering to black voters.”

How about Cory Booker, Dana asked.


“No. He is pandering to black voters. He’s trying to get a percentage of people who are voting for Biden.”

This isn’t the first time Michael’s called baloney on the “R” word.

In April, Laura Ingraham asked if reparations is a scam (here).

Michael’s a consistent guy:

“Of course, it is. It’s more of the Blame Whitey Movement. Mania. Madness. And it’s sheer racial rhetoric.”

Points to ponder.

Are you melancholy from the mania? Moody over the madness? Let me cheer you up: I’m gonna give you $20.

Well, basically — I’m gonna hold off and give it to somebody else, a hundred and fifty years from now.

Feel 100% better?

Vote Democrat.



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