'Feminist' Dad Brags He'll Scream Hate at MAGA Wearers Because They're Hate-Mongering Racists. Black Conservative Socks it To Him




Last week, a #superwoke dad promised to be uncivil and intolerant.

Why? Because anyone who supports Trump is a racist, a misogynist, a bigot, and/or a hate-monger.


Therefore, he’ll tell them all “F*** you”:


Let’s review:

MAGA voters are hate-monger; but he’s the one who’ll yell “F*** you.”

Trumpers are bigots; therefore, he won’t put up with their views.

Definition of “bigotry”: “Intolerance of an opposing view.”

This is where we are.

The bigotry-endorsing, hate-mongering anti-bigot/anti-hate-monger spends his time these days being a “Dad, #Feminist, (and) #GunSense Reform Advocate,” as well as an “#LGBTQ Supporter” as per his Twitter profile.

Not included: “Fan of the dictionary.”

Some people didn’t appreciate Stirling’s sentiment — such as this sh**-dealing, misogynistic, homophobic, racist bigot:

It should go without saying, of course, that they could in fact be racist, only because anyone could be racist. Including — dare I say — Democrats.

But how’s Stirling gonna retort?

Twitter user Laura Schleif swooped in to splain:



This was a pretty good one:

Interesting commentary followed both of Anthony’s posts:



I have no idea what this is or means, but I know I love it:

Stirling’s social media statement brings to mind the wealth of  absurdity whirling about in contemporary politics. People appear to be saying things because they think they sound good, despite a total lack of anything related to reality or reason.

For more, please read:

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But in the meantime, you may wanna stay away from Stirling — that anti-hate non-bigot will scream at you because you don’t agree with him.



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