90-Year-Old Man Gets Arrested for Murdering His 83-Year-Old Wife

[Photo courtesy of Dorchester County Sheriffs's Office]
[Photo courtesy of Dorchester County Sheriffs’s Office]


They say whenever a married woman is killed, the husband is the first you should look.

Apparently, sometimes people feel stuck in their situation. To the frustrated and murderous, divorce can appear a less attractive option than more severe means.


But what about when it’s almost over anyway?

That made no difference to a 90-year-old man in South Carolina, according to investigators.

Nonagenarian Edwin Nelson, Jr., ‘fessed up to shooting his 83-year-old wife, Sarah M. Nelson.

Deputies showed up at the geriatric couple’s residence in Ridgeville at 5:20 a.m. Saturday. Dispatch had gotten a call from the man of the house.

Cops located both the victim and suspect. Mrs. Nelson had passed away at the scene.

I’ve said it before: You never know what’s going on with people. Or behind closed doors.

Regardless of the catalyst for such a terrible act, one thing seems extremely likely: For both Edwin and Sarah Nelson — considering the situation in which they both ended up — life surely must not have been filled with joy.

It’s a good reminder: Make your life choices carefully.

A motive has yet to be determined, but Edwin confessed to murdering his wife.


A bond hearing was set for Sunday morning.



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