Tom Arnold Says He's Sick of Trump Murdering Kids. But Look at Our Past - What Happened to All the 8-Year-Old Cowboys?



You have deadly weapons in your kitchen, and most likely your utility room. And chemically — probably — under your sink.

And let’s not forget your car.


Why haven’t you used them all to murder people yet?

From what we’re being told, it should be expected.

Yet somehow, in the 1950’s, guns were so normal that you could walk down the street with a rifle. And no one would be alarmed.

Kids got cap guns for Christmas so they could run around pretending to shoot the villain. Yet people didn’t accuse toy companies of training children to be assassins.

And that was just on the play side — little juniors and misses also got real guns (and knives), yet no one feared the reaper.

Want more? In some areas, people didn’t even lock their doors.

And they were safe.

Safer than now.

But magically, to many on the left side of the aisle, the mere existence of guns is now the cause of deadly evil. It’s what’s to blame.

How do they explain the 50’s? Something’s changed alright, but the reason for an uptick in evil isn’t hollow metal tubes. Or the plastic versions of them.

That’s not the opinion of Tom Arnold, however. He took to Twitter with a strong message Wednesday: The President of the United States, Dana Loesch, and Wayne LaPierre are all murderers.

They haven’t killed anybody; they haven’t told anyone to kill anybody. They just haven’t tried to take guns away from people who’d otherwise be helpless to fight the murderers.


But for some Democrats, that’s enough: They insist the existence of legal guns forces people not interested in legal things to use them illegally. And mortally.

Here’s Tom’s post:

“I’m tired of Dana Loesch, Wayne LaPierre @NRA @realDonaldTrump killing women, children, cops & other innocent Americans by year after year blocking common sense gun legislation while bigger more deadly violent assault weapons of war are pouring into the streets & I’m tired of you.”

It should be noted that “assault weapons” likely refers to rifles that just look scarier than some other rifles, and that most murders don’t actually involve in any way.

It should also be observed that those so-called assault weapons are not “weapons of war” any more than other guns which have been used during war time (including handguns); and that some weapons used in war aren’t legal to be owned by civilians.

But Tom isn’t alone; there are similar feelings on firearms currently floppin’ all around that defy common sense — which was, I believe, more normal in the 50’s, too.


Are all those pistol-packin’ kids from the era of bobby socks and Westerns in lockup now? No — most turned out just fine. Can we?



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