A Popular Meme Points Out the Idiocy of Democratic Dissent as Women Long to Be Free as Guns



First of all, in case you missed it: “Best & Stupidest This Week: The UK Wars With Cutlery, Offers Knife-Free Chicken Boxes & Tales Of Murder For Dinner.”


And now:

American politics could really be an interesting place: Imagine two sides with very different ideologies, frequently and thoughtfully debating the merits of their passionate principles on the national stage.


What we largely have instead is a game of money and power propelled by enough hot air to fly the Hindenburg to Timbuktu.

And in this present anti-Trump era — where Democrats are concerned — nothing seems to matter anymore. So far as I can tell, people tend to just say whatever’s the most inflammatory, despite it having not the slightest hair-thin tether to reality.

Every day, there’s a new batch of assertions that are as completely foolish as they are pitifully transparent.

And looking over the silliness, I recently came across a meme presumably based on a December 2015 tweet.

The original Twitter post came by way of a comedienne; subsequently, I believe it deserves the leeway of a joke. But when placed in the arena of serious ideas, #notsogood.

Here’s the piece of pro-Democrat protest:

HuffPost doesn’t appear terribly opposed: “The Constitution Gives Gun Owners Greater Rights Than Women.”


And some tweeters were stoked:

Gay Pride Lion loved it:


But Twitter also noted the nuttiness:

Responsibly Armed hit upon a certain considerable truth:

And this leads me to the meme. It reads “I Dream Women Will One Day Have the Same Rights as Guns.”


That statement is, to me, a fantastic indication of where we are — the level of imbecility that’s become the national dialogue. People are saying and posting and sharing things which make absolutely no sense. Why speak reason when you can stick your finger down your throat and prop-puke words that ring the alarm?

Beto O’Rourke does it (here). So does Nancy Pelosi (here and here). The politisphere is brimming with bulemic boobs.

As for the meme, witness a bit of sense spoken into the madness:

She wants women not allowed on airplanes.
She wants women not allowed in schools.
She wants women kept out of government buildings.
She wants women kept away from children.
Businesses can post signs: “No women allowed.”
She wants women severely restricted in Hawaii and California.
Women will not be allowed anywhere alcohol is consumed.
Women cannot be carried without a special permit.
Women will be prohibited from having certain popular accessories.
A man can now own multiple women, but only after a background check.

Right. I pine for a day when the absurdity will cease, and impassioned proselytizers from all sides will tout the explained worthiness of their ideas.

But that day won’t be today. Party on.



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