Fighting for Phoniness: Democratic Candidate Attacks Republican Foe for Not Supporting Public School, But There's a Big Problem



Sometimes it’s hard to know how to take a politician’s words.

Idealogical lines are pretty well drawn between Democrats and Republicans. Additionally, elected leaders sometimes appear to grip the side opposing their competitors if for no other reason than to present insults.


Take North Carolina Democrat Dan McCready, for example.

Dan’s running against another Dan — GOP state Sen. Dan Bishop — in a special election for NC’s 9th District.

Amid the fight for a seat at the power table, McCready recently told an audience during a forum hosted by the Fayetteville NAACP that Bishop’s policies were devaluing public school teachers. Bishop’s the cause, he claimed, of a 14-year substitute teacher’s pay dropping from $14 to $10 an hour.

As part of his battle for congressional conquest, McCready must’ve just gotten so worked up, he forgot who he is or what he does.

He jumped on Bishop and pounded:

“We’ve got to stop this war on public schools. I really believe that some of these politicians don’t actually believe in public schools.”

Got it? Bishop doesn’t believe in public schools. Therefore, he shouldn’t receive your vote. Anyone who doesn’t trust the public education system should lose the election. They’re wholly different than McCready, who totally deserves your vote.

But here’s an interesting tidbit: The proud public school promoter — who in no way doesn’t trust government ed. — sends his own spawn to private school. To the tune of $18,000 a year per kid.


Not only does McCready choose for his children to receive their education at Trinity Episcopal over the taxpayer-funded system, but he was on the school’s board prior to announcing his candidacy.


The Daily Caller News Foundation reached out to the politician’s campaign; they confirmed his youngsters’ privileged enrollment.

A spokesperson tried to juke around and make it all make sense:

“As a product of North Carolina public schools, Dan McCready believes in public education and ending the attacks on our public schools by people like State Senator Dan Bishop and [Education Secretary] Betsy DeVos. He and his wife chose to send their kids to a small Christian school to receive a faith-based education, and they find it shameful that politician Dan Bishop is attacking their kids.”

Pretty good job — make it about religious conviction. And always, always use the opportunity to finger the other side. Call them by name. And if you can, make ’em psychos who wanna hurt children. That’s idiotic, but I don’t make the rules.

With less than four weeks to go ’til voters pull the lever, McCready needs all the help he can get; he and Bishop are currently tied.

A noted contribution of Bishop up to this point: He wrote the state’s bathroom bill, requiring people to use the public restroom corresponding to their sex.

After a boycott (which included Bruce Springsteen cancellation of a show), the bill got flushed.

At Sunday’s debate, Dan McCready also offered up this goofiness about congressional Republicans:


“I think they’re doing anything they can to make people’s lives worse.”

Sure you do. And sure they are.



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