Viral Video Provides a Lesson in Justice & Heroism - When Bullying Turns to Deep, Deep Regret

[Screenshot from LiveLeak,]
[Screenshot from LiveLeak,]


Nobody likes a bully. And those who run their mouths the most are often full of it.


Sometimes, it’s the quiet ones ya gotta look out for. The ones who seem disengaged. Minding their own business.

A viral video provides stunning examples of these.

In a clip posted to LiveLeak, a young man is seen relentlessly berating a smaller, seated kid with an injured hand. They look to be at a high school.

Finally, the aggressor spits on the guy.

At that point, the kid gets off the table.

But how’s he gonna defend himself? He’s already hurt.

Props to the boy for trying to stand up for himself, in whatever manner he could.

The video’s pretty incredible, and I don’t want to spoil it for you. But let’s just say that justice comes swift and severe (WARNING: LANGUAGE).

Spitting on someone is a virtually guaranteed way to escalate the situation.


Mission accomplished.

What happens comes across, in my opinion, as heroic. The work of someone who wants to right the wrongs of the world. Or maybe it’s just someone reaching their limit.

Is this a good thing? It’s certainly old school.

Violence isn’t a preferred way of solving problems, and certainly, we see far too much of it in the world. Having said that, it just may be that the world would be a better place if the spirit of defending the helpless — immortalized in this video — was something of which we all possessed perhaps a little more.

Tell me what you think.



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