Liz Warren Tries to Save People by Keeping Them from Defending Themselves: Her Gun Control Plan is a Doozy



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What’s the proper response to bad people shooting good people? To some Democrats, it’s blaming the President of the United States for the gunmen’s evil choices — even if they voted Democrat — and making sure good people are less likely to be armed next time.


Senator Elizabeth Warren was Brainiacin’ up a storm Saturday, as she introduced her “plan for gun violence prevention.”

Her proposal was published by Medium, and it’s comprised by more than 30 points related to gun control.

Here are a few:

  • A new “federal assault weapons ban” that people willing to break the law prohibiting mass murder won’t obey
  • An increased tax on firearms (30%) and bullets (50%) that will in no way deter mass murderers from trying to kill innocent people but will make innocent people give the government more money in order to defend themselves against the undeterred murderers — so the government can then waste that money on more dumb things.
  • A ban on “high-capacity ammunition magazines” that will in no way convince mass murderers not to buy their ammo illegally but will keep the good people from being able to fight high-capacity fire with high-capacity fire
  • Extended waiting periods for firearms that will have no bearing on illegal purchases mass murderers are more than happy to make

Okay, so that isn’t word-for-word the way she phrased it. But I’m trying to provide some context. Some points of the plan may even be a good idea: A waiting period could, I think, play into a would-be criminal rethinking their plan to hurt people. It could also, of course, prevent someone from fighting back in stalking or domestic violence situations, for example.

As for “high-capacity,” the plan stipulates Congress will interpret that phrase according to what it deems “reasonable limits on the lethality” of weapons. What in the world does that mean? Every gun is “lethal” if it hits someone in the right/wrong place.

Here’s a particularly interesting part of Elizabeth’s program: “Gun manufacturers” may be held “strictly liable” for crimes committed with their products.

That’s significant. Presently, you can purposely run your Tesla into a wall without Elon Musk having to pay for the repair. But the bloodline-appropriating senator from Massachusetts thinks firearms should be different (here, here, and here):

Gun manufacturers make billions in profit by knowingly selling deadly products. Then they are let completely off the hook when people take those deadly products and inflict harm on thousands of victims each year. State tort law already recognizes that certain types of products and activities are so abnormally dangerous that the entities responsible for them should be held strictly liable when people are injured. Congress should codify that same principle at the federal level for guns by creating a new private right of action allowing survivors of gun violence to hold the manufacturer of the weapon that harmed them strictly liable for compensatory damages to the victim or their family.


Also on the docket: universal background checks; a raised limit on gun purchases; a ban on the sale of accessories, including suppressors; a limit to the per-month purchase of firearms; the designation of colleges as “gun free zones,” the creation of a “federal licensing system,” and an investigation into the NRA.

Here’s a question: Pick any given mass shooting; in what way would any of the above have kept the killer from ultimately carrying out their plan to murder innocent people?

It’s not just a good question; it’s almost the only question that matters. Two others, as you’re aware, are “How do these impede liberties granted by the Constitution” and “How many innocent people will be victimized be their adherence to the law.” If only Elizabeth would comment here with the answers. In lieu of her, I hope you will.



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