Democrats' Worst Nightmare - Texas Attempts a Rational Response to Mass Shooting: LOOSEN Gun Laws



Here’s something many Democrats certainly won’t understand.

In response to the mass shooting in El Paso, the state is set to make firearm possession…more common.


But I thought guns are solely instruments of evil?

Just ask Samantha Bee — get rid of the guns, get rid of the problem (here).

Some in the Lone State State feel differently.

Therefore, the law may be loosened — allowing firearms to be taken into schools, foster homes, apartment complexes, and houses of worship.

As reported by USA Today:

House Bill 1143 prevents school districts from prohibiting employees and other visitors at school campuses to store firearms in locked vehicles.

House Bill 2363 lets foster parents possess firearms “in a safe and secure matter … for personal protection purposes.”

Senate Bill 535 will reduce penalties for people who carry guns at “churches, synagogues or other places of worship” that prohibit firearms. … The bill treats places of worship in the same way private businesses are treated: They can still post signs prohibiting firearms, but will reduce penalties for people who unknowingly carry.

And how ’bout gun sales? House Bill 3231 will take care of those. It “curbs the ability of municipalities” to restrict them.

In my recent article about Samantha, I asked a question to which I’ve never received a satisfactory answer. It concerns the removal of guns from society:


“How do you get the murderers to agree to that?”

Apparently, state Rep. Donna Campbell has a similar perspective:

“Those with evil intentions will violate the law and carry out their heinous acts no matter what.”

Of course, many on the Left are going the other way:

It would seem that many shooters — in fact, the only shooters willing to obey the law — are good guys fighting the bulleting Bad.

Yet, we’re being told that people with no problem violating the law concerning mass murder will be scared peeless when staring down the metaphorical barrel of words on signs.

We’ll see how Texas’s proposals go, and how crime may be affected over time if they’re signed into law.

In the meanwhile, it’s good to see that shepherds are taking a cue from liberals:



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