Respect Your Elders: Viral Video of an Arby's Boxing Match Shows a Young Buck Find Out Old Guys Know a Thing or Two



From what I see of the news these days, I take it young whippersnappers don’t possess much respect for their elders.

The young and entitled don’t seem to’ve been raised to be polite and deferential. In short, it may be that America right now has the most jerks below the age of 30 in its history as a nation.


If my estimation is right, it could play into a LiveLeak video showing a young dude try to give a seasoned man a bit of What For.

The older of the pair didn’t seem to mind, so he shifted his much-heavier self into Fisticuffs gear.

The pup seemed wholly confident — “Alright, old dog. You wanna rumble? I’m the MAN! I’ve got 18 participation trophies to prove it, I’m ashamed of my race, I voted for Hillary, I get a period once a month, and the last Ghostbusters was the best Ghostbusters. I’m woke, I’m wonderful, and I’ll kick your a**!”

That could’ve been his thoughts.

Also: Maybe not. It’s just what I’m used to reading about.

Draw your own conclusions.

Whatever his disposition, despite Hollywood’s recent penchant for 90-pound-girls punching 200-pound men and sendin’ ’em flyin’, that ain’t how it works. Weight and size are strength, and strength is power. And the older guy’s powerpunch packed a gargantuan gob of “Goodnight.”

To be fair, for all we know, the heavyweight started it. Maybe the youngster was admirably defending the honor of his wife. If so, right on.

But it’s more fun if the good guy won.

Let me know what you think.

Mr. Tattoos gets leveled.

Even his cool shoe falls off.



A reminder of how it can go — right outside an Arby’s:



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