Puppy Becomes a Viral Sensation & It's No Wonder, Thanks to Her Striking Resemblance to a Famous Artist




So much of the news is heavy.

Sometimes it’s nice to lay back, have some sweet tea, and enjoy the lighter things in life — like a viral sensation puppyin’ it up all over the webisphere.


When Dallas, Texas’s Hearts and Bones Rescue took in a momma and her eleven babies from Dallas Animal Services — a shelter which harbors the third largest number of animals in the country — they got a big surprise: One of the 5-week-old pups had, hilariously, a mustache.

The crew got posted in photo form to Instagram last week, and the black and white mustachioed mutt got all the attention.

The facial-haired phenomenon and her entire family were welcomed home by a local foster, and the video of their exit from Hearts and Bones is priceless.

Check it out:

The litter will travel to the Big Apple in late August or early September to be adopted into their foreverhomes.


In the meantime, the sweet pooch has been named Salvador Dolly, after the famed surrealist painter:

You’re welcome.



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