Nike Model Claims Men Can't Be Women & Loses Her Agent. Her Next Shocker Makes Things Much Worse



This story’s a doozy.

Get ready to read it twice.

20-year-old Carissa Pinkston is a model. She’s said Cheese for heavyweights such as Nike, Marc Jacobs, Coach, and Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty.


But she made a mistake: In May, she posted multiple messages to Facebook about men not being women.

Here’s one:

“Being Transgender does NOT make you a woman. It makes you simply Transgender. Being Transgender does not make you a woman in a Transgender context according to gender and sex [….] This is how they want to be perceived. In a biological context there are Females and Males. This is the world in 2019.”

Did the feminists agree?

Someone somewhere didn’t — according to Paper Magazine, Carissa was subsequently dropped by her modeling agency.

As per Paper, though she deleted the posts, users of social media “were able to find the receipts and have been witness to Pinkston’s transphobia…”

Following the fallout, she seemed to, perhaps, have a nervous breakdown. She appeared on Instagram Live, crying and speaking, but the audio was muted.

Afterward, she posted a coming-out notice — saying she’s actually a man identifying as a woman. Therefore, she’s a woman:

“I wasn’t ready to come about it yet but today I got fired and I’ve been receiving hate mail and death threats ever since so I’m being forced to tell the truth. I’m Transgender. I transitioned at a very young age and I’ve lived my Life as a female ever since. It’s been very hard to keep this secret but what I said about Trans-Women is a direct reflection of my inner securities and I have since come to realize that I am a Woman. WE ALL ARE!”


Her fellow models started to rat her out — she’s a woman, not a man saying he’s a woman. And she was in trouble for saying a man saying he’s a woman isn’t a woman.

She was condemned for claiming a boy cannot be a girl. Then she was condemned because a girl cannot be a boy who’s being a girl.

Over the weekend, Carissa caved. She explained that she was just scared and acted rashly:


Paper Mag reports:

All her posts have since been deleted, except for the screenshots going around online.

What an entangled mess.

It’s a lot to unpack, and I look forward to your disassembling comments.

In the meantime, I feel bad for any 20-year-old who’s attacked on the web. The internet is a merciless place, and that’s a delicate time in one’s life. Feeling the weight of the world attacking you — whether it’s an accurate metric or not — is surely a hard row to hoe.

As for whether a man is a woman, or whether a woman who says she’s a man who’s a woman has no business saying she’s anything but a woman but also has no business saying a man who says he’s a woman is in fact nothing but a woman…Actually, I need to just take a nap.

It’s a brave new world out there. Tread lightly.



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