Julian Castro Politicks Dumbly After Being Called Out for His Goofy & Obvious Hypocrisy Over the Border. Plus: KISS



Could American politics exist without hypocrisy?

How would the members of the two-party system distinguish themselves (see here)?

Fortunately for Julian Castro, there’s no need to find out.


On CBS show Face the Nation Sunday, Margaret Brennan asked the 2020 Democratic hopeful about his condemnation of President Trump’s border security efforts in light of Julian’s previous praise for one Barack Hussein Obama:

“I want to ask you about immigration, which you have made a part of your campaign focus. When you were mayor of San Antonio, you testified before Congress and you called for increased border security measures and you praised the Obama administration’s actions.”

Margaret then played a clip of Julian lauding Barack for a bolstered border and the removal of “dangerous individuals.”


Margaret pitched an absolutely perfect question:

“Why did you praise that policy then, but when the Trump administration adopts similar language and policies, you’re hypercritical of them?”

10 out of 10, Margaret.

Pssst — Julian…Say something really, really dumb right now. Just really politican-y and daft…Dude, just go for it.

His reply:

“Well, I think that’s a very, very far stretch, Margaret. … I haven’t changed at all.”

Nicely done.


“What I don’t agree with, and what’s definitely different in this administration, is that this administration has weaponized the law to cruelly separate little children from their parents.”


Uhhh, no.

Family separation was the product of the Clinton era’s Flores Settlement, the 2008 legislation of a Democratic Congress, and a ruling by the left-wing 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in response to a legal challenge to child imprisonment (here).

And many of the cage pictures which have outraged some on the internet were taken during Obama’s presidency or captured facilities built during his tenure.

But go ahead, Castro:

“What I have an issue with is separating little children from their parents, I have an issue with an administration that uses migrants as a scapegoat to create fear and paranoia in order to win elections…”

Use fear and paranoia to win elections? Hmmm…

As for his consistency, in This Present Trump Darkness, he’s favored decriminalizing illegal immigration, Julian’s championed taxpayer-funded healthcare for people in the country illegally, and he’s endorsed eradicating the law which makes re-entering the U.S. illegally more than once a felony.

Contradict much?

Sounds like he’s got some things to figure out.

Though, I don’t know when he’ll find the time: In the initial Democratic debates, Julian claimed men need to have abortions (good grief, here). Figuring out the science behind that is going to prove to be — I think we can all agree — at least a 40-hour-a-week job. And that doesn’t include lunch breaks.


I hope he’s gettin’ to it.

In the meantime, marvel with me, if you will, at just how very much Julian sounds like KISS frontman Paul Stanley:



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