Dumb is Real: White Designer Gets Condemned for Cultural Appropriation Over the NiteCap



Ever think society could use a planet-sized flush?

In my opinion, one of the biggest turds going is outrage culture.

I think Clint Eastwood had it right in 2016 (here):


“Just f***ing get over it. It’s a sad time in history.”

I feel as though perhaps we could just slap that across everything everywhere in every way and call it a day.

Otherwise, processing all the offense taken at seemingly every conventional thing under the sun is enough to make you need a nap.

But if you decide to get some shut-eye, don’t you dare wear a dadburn NiteCap — Sarah Marantz Lindenberg’s new made-in-Canada washable silk sleeping hat.

The reason? It’s dang racist, you mongrels.

It’s cultural appropriation — that ugly thing that makes no sense, of which all people who decry it are guilty. That makes the whole situation…what’s that word? Oh, yeah — dumb.

Let’s hear from some indignant people who employ for their own personal benefit utensils, language, the alphabet, typing, electronics, skincare products, makeup, medical care, clothes, footwear, automobiles, sunblock, indoor plumbing, FOOD, and other things pioneered by those of other races. But they’re p*ssed off about what tops your head in the privacy of your own bedroom while you’re unconscious:



The cap was designed to keep your hair comfortably up in order to prevent dermatological breakouts. But if you’re white, hands off!


Dear Goofballs:

You don’t own stuff just because someone of your race invented it — they invented it; not you. Nor can you make any sense whatsoever in your complaining unless you let go of all things someone of a different race than you created. Have fun with that lifestyle.

Sarah responded with a staunch defiance of Tucker Carlson’s personal policy of “Never Apologize.”



When it comes to the outraged, that kind of response is like chum in the water.

As reported by The Daily Wire, publication Fashion Magazine — which had run an interview of Sarah — updated their article to note a “long history [of bonnets] in black hair culture.”

Good thing for all the haters that they’ll never need a NiteCap either way — how could they possibly sleep, when they’re so wide aWoke?



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