Jordan Peterson Encourages Women to Experience the 'Adventure' of Motherhood as Feminism Becomes a Male Chauvinist Pig



Brilliant professor Jordan Peterson has a message for women: Allow yourselves to embark upon the “adventure” of motherhood.

Cue the far-cultural-Left’s nightmarish cringe.


As reported by LifeSite News, Jordan made the comment while speaking with Bishop Robert Barron on the sometimes-maligned psychologist’s YouTube channel (here and here). He explained that women should refuse to believe the myth being presently pushed by “progressive” culture that having children works against a woman’s success in life. Young ladies are also being told, purportedly, that their kids will destroy the Earth:

“There’s a serious conversation to be had with young women. A woman asked me a question on my Q&A this month. She said that her friends are really down on her. She claims to not be a feminist, but even more importantly, because she wants to have children. And they’re telling her that only an evil and cruel person would bring a child into a world this terrible, and worse, [they tell her about] the damage to the planet that that child will inevitably do. And people are very serious about this. And they are very hard on young women.”

Jordan referenced Michelangelo’s “Pieta,” in which the Virgin Mary cradles Jesus after the crucifixion:

“I always think of the Pieta because I kind of think of it as the Christian equivalent of the crucifix — you know, you have Mary there with her broken son in her arms. And I think that the great adventure for women — at least in part, this is the maternal adventure — is to bring a child into the world, knowing full well the consequence is crucifixion-like brokenness.”

It’s not Jordan’s first mention of Christianity. For more on that, please see my piece on his compelling view,  “Are You Worthy Of The Challenge? Jordan Peterson Explains: This Is Why I Don’t Identify As A Christian.”


According to Jordan, parenthood is about faith, but also an obligation to make the world a better place:

“[I]t’s still a mark of faith in the possibilities of being [existence], to participate in that and not to hide from it and to say: ‘Well, despite everything, I’m going to act out my faith in life and in the possibilities of being and I’m going to bring someone into the world who will be a net force for good rather than evil. And that’s my moral obligation.'”

What’s the best way to speak to modern feminism’s opposition to motherhood? Jordan says it’s to present the endeavor as what it truly is — an adventure:

“I think to present that to young women as a major part of the adventure of their life, which is certainly the truth, is something that is attractive to far more of them than would be likely to admit it in today’s time and age.”

It seems to me that feminism has, among some subscribers, come more than full circle. It now, in some sense, is misogyny.

True Girl Power embraces the natural desires of a woman, whatever they may instinctually be.

Yet, some who call themselves feminist have taken to defining a woman’s worth by the degree to which she can be and do as a man.

What could be more misogynistic than that?

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