Cory Booker Proves He's Macho by Wanting to Physically Assault Donald Trump. But He's Also MLK & Luke Skywalker

[Screenshot from Late Night with Seth Meyers,]
[Screenshot from Late Night with Seth Meyers,]

In my opinion, Cory Booker is sort of the Michael Avenatti of our current congressional landscape. He seems intent upon posturing in really goofy ways and wholly unaware of how he comes across.


But maybe I’m wrong.

Judge for yourself.

On Tuesday, Farticus (here) revealed a private urge: the compulsion to commit violence against one Donald J. Trump.

He admitted the dark urge to Seth Meyers on his eponymous nightly NBC gig.

Cory wanted everyone to know he’s a man.


And also, that Donald Trump’s a meanie:

“Donald Trump is a guy who — you understand, he hurts you. My testosterone sometimes makes me want to feel like punching him, which would be bad for this elderly, out-of-shape man that he is if I did that. This physically weak specimen.”

What would’ve happened if a congressman had gone on national television and said that about President Obama?

How might it have impacted a politician trying to attain Oval Office glory?

I’m thinking their plight would’ve been less than optimal afterward.

But the media, so far as I can tell, believe where Trump is concerned — as the song in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom says — “anything goes.”

Cory continued:

“But you see what I’m talking there? That’s his tactics, and you don’t beat a bully like him, fighting him, on his tactics, on his terms, using his turf. He’s the body shamer. He’s the guy that tries to drag people into the gutter.”

He’s mixing the high stakes of America’s future with something as asinine as criticizing a person’s fitness level? And didn’t Cory himself just call Trump “out of shape”?


The senator went on to share a story — he was in Iowa campaigning when a former Stanford tight end put his arm around him. The athlete asked Cory to punch the President in the face.

The New Jersey politician used it as a teachable moment for all of us.

Here we go…

Cue the inspirational music. Cast the best Lincolnish light on Cory…

“This is a moral moment in America. And to me, what we need for our next leader — especially after the time for moral vandalism that we’re in right now — is we need a leader that’s not going to call us to the worst of who we are, but call us to the best of who we are. In this moral moment, we need to not to talk about necessarily what we’re against, but what we’re for, and the best way of looking at this is just our history.”

Isn’t he neck-deep in talking about what we’re against?

The goob is all over the place.

Back to his 2020 presidential moment: A montage would be good about now. Maybe some military shots. Footage of protests…families…some people saying the Pledge…

“The gardens of our democracy have never been free of the weeds of bigotry, hatred, demagoguery. Every generation has had them.”

Someone should tell Cory that bigotry means “intolerance for an opposing view.”

Booker compared Trump to integration-opposing Alabama Gov. George Wallace.

Something Cory may not know: George was a Democrat.


Do it, Senator:

“How did we beat [racists] before? We beat Bull Connor, for example, in Birmingham, not by bringing bigger dogs and bigger fire hoses and matching his demagoguery with more, but these were incredible artists of activism that called to the moral imagination of a country. That called us to a revival of that civic grace, that pulled black folks and white folks and more folks together. That relegated that demagogue to the ash heap of history.”

“That demagogue,” it should be observed, was also a Democrat.

But I’ll give Cory points for two things:

  • The ol’ use of “us” versus them. To all those aspiring to electoral greatness: Use “us” as if you were part of the good guys in some far-removed event, and contrast that against the baddies. Example: Even though you’re on Earth and living in 2019, if you run for office, say things like “We beat Darth Vader by using the Force.” Suddenly, voters think of you as Luke Skywalker, even though you had nothing to do with it.
  • Cory’s notion of bringing the races together. That’s genuinely a good idea, and something Democrats don’t seem to much mention.

So how do we triumph over the Dark Side? Like this:

“We will not beat Donald Trump by trying to be more like him, but by showing that we are not like him. We are not weak morally, we are not weak mentally, we’re a strong nation, and we’re a nation that unites.”


Fight on, Farticus Skywalker. Use the Farce.



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