On the Apollo 11 Anniversary, Mike Pence Announces: We're Moving to the Moon, & Next is a New Planet



1969’s moon landing changed the world. It took the great expanse and made it reachable. It turned the unfathomable into a reality. Since the beginning of humanity, men and women had surely stared wondrously at the mysterious blanket above. How could anyone have believed that, one day, a human being’s feet would make their imprint into that seemingly-forever-away orb?


In an opinion piece for Fox News by Mike Pence Saturday, the Vice President celebrated the 50th anniversary of the historic Apollo 11 triumph.

“In that moment,” Mike wrote, “Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins helped our nation win the ‘space race,’ answering the call made by President John F. Kennedy just eight years before to ‘put a man on the moon’ before the decade was out.”

Trump’s righthand man thanked “the courage, grit and determination of the three space pioneers of Apollo 11 – and the hard work of the men and women behind their mission at NASA…”

And he praised the current Commander-in-Chief for continuing the country’s unifying outer-space spirit:

“The crew of Apollo 11 did more than plant a flag and leave a footprint – they brought our world together.

“Unity is the true legacy of Apollo 11 – and we must capture that same unity in our own day by renewing our commitment to American leadership in space.

“Under President Trump, we are doing just that.”

Mr Pence championed the enterprising pursuits of the White House:

“[W]e’ve unleashed American companies that are on the cutting edge of the space industry – developing the rockets, spaceships, and technologies that will take us further into space, faster than ever before.

“And thanks to our administration’s decisive actions, America’s pioneering space companies are creating the American jobs of the future and blazing new trails into the skies above.”


Mike had something big to tell America: We’ll soon be back walking on the moon. And this time, we’re stayin’:

“So to continue the proud tradition established in the Apollo program, and to ensure that our most cherished values prevail in the skies above, President Trump has made it our national policy to return to the moon in the next five years – and this time, we will stay.”

Not only that, but there’ll soon be a lady doing her best Michael Jackson — moonwalking.

And there’s more: Following our moon move, the U.S. is making its way to a little place I like to call Mars:

“The first woman and the next man on the moon will both be American astronauts, launched by American rockets, from American soil. The United States will lead the creation of a base at the moon’s South Pole where astronauts could reside for weeks and months. And from what we learn there, we will become the first nation in the history of mankind to set foot on the red planet of Mars.”

Mike put his most (vice) presidential foot forward. “The tasks before us will involve hardship and hazard, sacrifice and determination,” he noted. “But we shall go forth – not in spite of the difficulties, but because of them.”

He makes the current administration sound downright inspiring — not at all the characterization by the mainstream media, the effects of which can be seen here.

For all you space fans, buckle up: As per our VP, the future’s lookin’ like Duck Dogers.




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