Is Trump Still Wrong? Nearly Two Dozen MS-13 Members Arrested in the San Fernando Valley for a Series of Machete Murders



Donald Trump seems to be, more than any other president in recent history, opposed solely for the sake of opposition.

He says it’s up? Indignant Dems demand it’s down. He says black? They freak out and insist white.


And all of this absurdity tends toward making politics look wholly worthless.

What of the things the President says that are important?

How about his expressed concern over the El Salvadoran gang MS-13? Is that just racist nonsense, as it appears to be portrayed by the opposition?

In LA — which has a host of problems (here and here)– this week, nearly two dozen alleged MS-13 gang members from the San Fernando Valley were arrested in what federal prosecutors say was a slew of “medieveal-style” murders.

The indictment claims the group committed seven ghastly killings involving torture and dismemberment around Malibu, North Hollywood, and the Angeles National Forest.

The atrocities were frequently carried out with knives, baseball bats, and the gang’s trademark machetes.

Hacked-to-death victims were often those suspected of having cooperated with the police.

Purportedly, one was a homeless man living in a gang-controlled area.

Consider one of the crimes, perpetrated by six people with a machete, according to federal prosecutors:

“The victim was dismembered, and his body parts were thrown into a canyon after one of the defendants allegedly cut the heart out of the victim’s body.”


The arrests came courtesy of the Los Angeles Metropolitan Task Force on Violent Gangs, which includes the Los Angeles Police Department, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, and the FBI.

Paul Delecourt, Assistant Director in Charge of the FBI’s LA Field Office, explained that they’re sending a message:

“Taking violent offenders off the street should send a message to MS-13 members and their associates that medieval-style violence and senseless murder will not be tolerated in Los Angeles. Working with our local partners, we expect to impact MS-13’s influence in gang-occupied communities.”

The “heinous, cruel [and] depraved” murders were allegedly committed by those hoping to rise in rank.

In the past, President Trump decried the threat of MS-13. And despite the fact that he mentored Def Jam founder Russell Simmons, those on the blue side of the aisle simply accused him of hating non-whites. They downplayed the threat.

Seven people in Los Angeles, if they were still able to speak, might disagree.



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