Light in a Dark Place: Chick-fil-A Manager Delivers Kindness to a 96-Year-Old Man in a Story That'll Brighten Your Day



Want another story to increase your love for America’s favorite chicken joint?

In Maryland Thursday, a 96-year-old World War II veteran entered a Chick-fil-A “almost in tears.”


Rudy Somoza, a manager at the restaurant, recounted the situation to CNN:

“He was shaking, almost in tears saying he barely made it to the store on three tires because one was bad. As soon as he finished his sentence, Daryl informed me he needed to help this gentleman right now.”

“Daryl” would be manager Daryl Howard, who’s worked at the closed-on-Sunday franchise for nearly a decade. He left the counter to make a difference in the life of someone who served his country back when war meant looking into the eyes of your enemy. A time when Americans voluntarily chose to fight out of a deeply-rooted patriotism. A belief that America was, in fact, great.

Rudy continued:

“[D]aryl jumped into action without hesitation.”

15 minutes later, the deed was done. And it’s the kind a helping hand — it seems to me — of which we could use much more in this current climate of political vitriol and social media narcissism.

Though talking heads tout “diversity” and progressivism, our real strengths as a nation are much simpler and not so nearly faddish: What makes for a greater world are liberty and kindness.

Two fast-food managers apparently agree, at least in part.

“His action of kindness was beautiful,” Rudy noted. “Daryl has always been so helpful to anyone in need and deserves this recognition.”


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