Science Report: Sex-Based Sports Must Be Eradicated in Favor of 'Nuanced Approach.' The New Criteria Are Stunning



I’m gonna do a bit of translation for this one.

At New Zealand’s University of Otago, researchers believe separating sports by men/women doesn’t work in this new transgendered era. Hence, called for is a “more nuanced approach.”


The report’s titled “Transwomen in Elite Sport: Scientific and Ethical Considerations.”

Maybe I’m slow to adjust, but I still can’t believe the culture has evolved to a point where affirming people’s desires has become an issue of “ethics.” That’s not a comment on transgenderism, per say; it’s a remark on the broader notion of self-esteem coddling, including participation trophies.

As reported by BioEdge the study states:

It is important to both extend and celebrate diversity, while maintaining fairness for cis-women in sport. To be simultaneously inclusive and fair at the elite level the male/ female binary must be discarded in favour of a more nuanced approach. We conclude that the gender binary in sport has perhaps had its day.

How about, “In sports, only fairness is important; what you celebrate is your own business”?


Translation: Women’s sports will be obliterated. The roosters will dominate the hens.

More from BioEdge:

Weightlifter Gavin Hubbard set a New Zealand junior record in the 105 kg + division in 1998. Around 2010 he transitioned to a female and became known as Laurel Hubbard. In 2017, now aged 39, she won a gold medal in the heaviest 90 kg+ category at the Australian International & Australian Open in Melbourne. An elbow injury kept her out of the Commonwealth Games in 2018.

Her competitors were not happy. “It’s a little bit unfair given that she began weightlifting as a man and has that experience in weightlifting as a male, then to carry on as a woman we think is a little bit unfair and gives her an unfair advantage,” said a spokesman for the Nauru team.

Hubbard’s career is a neat example of the controversy over transgender people in sport. Sports associations are trying to balance inclusion against fairness, seldom successfully and never without resentment from some participants.


Despite Olympic allowances for testosterone-suppressed men to compete against women, it’s still not fair.

For starters:

International Olympic Committee guidelines from 2015 permit transwomen to compete against cis-women if their testosterone is held below 10 nmol/L.
However, this is much higher than that of cis-women.

Again, bye-bye female athletics.

Here are a few snapshots of the farewell:

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So how about that “more nuanced” approach?

BioEdge’s got the answer:

The best solution is to dump the male/female binary in sport, replacing it with an algorithm which takes into account gender identity, socioeconomic status and physiology.

You heard right — socioeconomic status.

Translation: Men’s sports are dead — toxic masculinity will have to be handicapped via point loss or held start. Maybe male runners will have to carry boulders — symbolic of the burden borne by the oppressed sex.

And translation: We’re toast.



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