A Cinematic Tribute Reminds Us How Tough We Were - America's Liberty Was Won & Preserved Amid the Ugliness of War

[Screenshot from 20th Century Fox's Patton via YouTube, https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=29&v=izgH01lSJ6M]
[Screenshot from 20th Century Fox’s Patton via YouTube, https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=29&v=izgH01lSJ6M]


Is America tough?

It has been.


Before this current hour which seems defined by a softening spine, the nation of the Stars and Stripes was brave. Not the kind of bravery found in a safe space or in arguments over pronouns and other minutiae into which we’ve contemporarily devolved; but true courage under real fire.

War is ugly. War is terrible. And war is something for which none should wish.

But war — at times — has wrought liberty.

And on this day, we celebrate our independence — brought about by war.

Inasmuch as we do so for love of country, we also commemorate those among us and not long-passed who gave their lives for the freedoms we enjoy — and for freedom elsewhere.

A moving montage of Hollywood’s salute to our courageous men in battle gives an inkling of what war-weary heroes have given for us. Presided over by George C. Scott’s iconic speech in Patton (which Elvis loved, by the way), the video provides a powerful reminder of the hell our boys went through in times past — times in which America was tough…because it had to be.

War and its terrible destruction isn’t to be glorified; but sacrifice and love of family and country are. Those virtues fed the hearts that beat fast on the battlefield long before technology substantially separated opposing forces.


For over a hundred years, U.S. military conflict meant one soldier looking into the eyes of another. At times, of course, it still does.

Enjoy the tribute (and thanks to The Daily Caller for the find).

And please share your thoughts — on the memorial and the state of our nation, then and now.



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