In Response to the Debates, Bill Maher Makes His List of 10 Democratic Candidates Who Should Quit Immediately



After the first Democratic debate this week, Bill Maher had a piece of advice for 10 Oval Office hopefuls: Stop running for president.

Here’s what the HBO host told his show’s panel Friday night:


Look, there’s too many people in this race. So we saw them last night and the night before. I’ll give you veto rights, but I’m going to get rid of 10 of them right now. Is that okay? And if you disagree, just say.

Unsurprisingly, Bill doesn’t have any faith in the underdogs. Amid F words, he showed a photo of each candidate:

This guy, Hickenlooper. Nice guy. No, get out. Nice guy. Get the f*** out

This is Michael Bennett. You know if you Google Michael Bennett, the first five that come up aren’t even this guy. Get the f*** out.

Oh, vice principal Delaney. Nice guy. Nothing here. Get out.

Tim Ryan. I think he said one good thing. No.

Kirsten Gillbrand. Al Franken says “Hello.”

Eric Swallwell. I like him. But you know, too young, it looked like he was wearing a toupe last night. Get the f*** out.

He 86’d Marianne Williamson and Andrew Yang…

So what of Beto “Anti-Privileged Millionaire Privileged Millionaire” O’Rourke (here)?

MSNBC host Joy Reid intervened, “Not youth pastor Beto. He reminds me of my daughter’s youth pastor. So, I feel badly.”

Maher quipped,”Here, you can keep the picture. But he’s not looking good.”

How ’bout New York Mayor Bill deBlasio, who wants to confiscate people’s money and decide who to give it to instead (here)?

Bill dropped the hammer:

“And this guy, start spreading the news. You’re leaving.”


So there you have it — Bill’s List of Losers.

What are yours? Who do you think will make it to the finals? Which Democrats look most likely to become the official nominee?

Let us all know in the Comments section.



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