Jon Voight Responds to Alyssa Milano's Castigation of Him as an 'F-Lister'

Jon Voight Responds to Alyssa Milano's Castigation of Him as an 'F-Lister'
[Screenshot from Fox News,]
[Screenshot from Fox News,]


Jon Voight isn’t afraid to speak his mind. And he certainly isn’t concerned with what Hollywood thinks.

For a fantastic example, look no further than his video declaring Donald Trump “the greatest president since Abraham Lincoln” (here).

Very, very bold move.

Actress Alyssa Milano’s made some bold moves, too. 


  • Retaliating against someone telling women what they can do with their bodies by telling women they should not do things with their bodies (here)
  • Calling for the government to grant women constitutional rights (here)
  • Proclaiming that men cannot be allowed to be equal to women (here)
  • Seemingly forgetting there are police (here)
  • Demanding that all women are right because some women are right (here)
  • Coming within three steps of outlawing height (here)

And recently, television’s Samantha Micelli addressed Angelina Jolie’s dad and his praise of the President…with this:

The “F-lister,” in this case, has an Oscar.

It’s a fight!

On Friday’s Fox & Friends, Jon responded to the woman who co-host Brian Kilmeade called “that legend…who might be the best actress ever”:

“Darling Alyssa. God bless you. … I pray God sends his light of truth on all those with no truth about the Republicans and about our president. And may God bless America.”

Jon went on to note that he was part of the anti-war movement of the 60’s, and that he later found truth.

“I have sympathy for people that are in ignorance. It doesn’t scare me. Ignorance doesn’t scare me. I was like that myself. I just root for everybody to come to the truth.”

He also lamented the indoctrination of the young and impressionable in the ways of socialism:

“If they knew anything about the Second World War, they’d know that socialism is a disaster. It’s never produced anything anywhere in the world. It’s an economic sinkhole, but it also produces nothing but misery and violence.”

I think most would agree that “if they knew anything” is applicable to much of political raging these days. On both sides. Hopefully, for some, “when they know” does, too.



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