'The View' Uniformly Gives Pete Buttigieg's Town Hall Performance the Thumbs Down: He Was 'P*** Poor'

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[Screenshot from The View, https://twitter.com/TheView/status/1143181849369296896?]


On Monday, the left-wing ladies at The View had some things to say about Pete Buttigeig’s recent South Bend town hall.


Apparently, the 2020 candidate’s performance Sunday was “piss poor.”

Man — you know you’re doing a bad job when people feel the need to reference urine in their assessment.

The smalltown mayor — who’d interrupted his Oval Office campaign and temporarily returned to his post — had surely hoped to triumph at the gathering over police brutality and the local fatal shooting of a 54-year-old black man.

But the crowd wasn’t so friendly.

One resident angrily demanded that he “get the racists off the streets,” claiming that — every day — she “[wakes] up scared.”

Another citizen yelled that her 7-year-old grandson is afraid to walk past cops:

“That is not what’s supposed to happen in America, in Indiana in 2019.”

She’s right.

Witness the indignation:

Following a clip of the uproarious assembly, Joy Behar wound up and pitched some solid sense. She loves Buttigieg, but she thinks he was wrong to bail out of his job as mayor to go off vying for the DC Big League:

“I love Mayor Pete very much. I think he’s terrific. But I have this feeling that these guys who are running who are mayors and governors should keep doing their jobs — until they can fix — it’s almost like…when you’re the mayor or a governor, it’s almost like being the father or the mother of the family. And to leave South Bend now and run for president seems like an unfinished job.”


Sooo solid, Joy. Nicely done.

She compared Pete to New York Mayor Bill DeBlasio (who appears to want to play Robin Hood with the citizenry’s moolah — here), citing the Big Apple’s rats:

“It’s like DeBlasio was doing — and, you know, we have a rat population that has risen 38% in New York. … [F]ix the rat problem first, DeBlas, and then run for president. Same with Pete. Mayor Pete, fix what’s going on in South Bend. … Do your job first there, and then run for president. That’s my feeling, and it’s not necessarily something he wants to hear.”

More sense from Joy!

Sunny Hostin joined in to say Pete’s on the skids with his black constituents:

“He has had a problem with the African-American community in South Bend for quite some time. … I’ve spoken to a lot of the African-American community, and…his housing program…was to bulldoze vacant homes and most of those homes were in the African-American community, displacing the African-American community. They were very upset with him, and he didn’t really address it.”

You know what you get when you don’t address it? And when you do that thing Joy said you shouldn’t do? And when you stink it up at the meeting? You get a one-star rating of the urine variety.

Take it away, Meghan:

“And I thought he did a really piss-poor job of listening to those people in that town hall and feeling the pain.”




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