Woke Collision: San Fran Homeless Advocates Go to War with Gay Sushi Restaurant Over a Rock Where a Body Should Be

[Screenshot from Coalition on Homelessness and Andy Ngo on Twitter, https://twitter.com/MrAndyNgo/status/1142537378650656768?]


San Francisco’s an interesting place. If you don’t believe that, then please please check out their Poop Map (here).


Poop tourism may skyrocket at any moment: “How’d you spend your summer vacation?” “We went to San Francisco and saw all the great turds.”

Well, here’s more San Fran news.

A sushi restaurant in a famously gay neighborhood’s been targeted by a group of homeless advocates.

What’s the beef of those who’ve decided livin’ and crappin’ outdoors has its merits? It’s all about a rainbow-colored rock. They seem to believe it’s taking up space that should be allocated for countin’ sheep. See for yourself:

That’s right — the Coalition on Homelessness is mad about a rock, which sits in a zen garden in front of a raw fish joint.


Because what San Francisco needs more than anything else is one more extremely unshowered dude or chick sleeping on the cement.

Coalition on Homelessness publication Street Sheet had this to say:

It was pretty clear to me why a big boulder was there in the alcove. And I thought, “Oh god, now they’re almost pride-washing this anti-homeless piece of architecture. It did strike me as very off, very strange that somebody would go through such lengths to basically turn it into a pride thing in a city where so much of its homeless population identifies as LGBTQ.”


Best I can tell from that, both gay pride and homelessness have been given top-of-the-chart status on the hierarchy of identity politics, and now they’re battling it out like King Kong vs. Godzilla.

Also, concerning the tweet: Please note how stupid the concept of “hate” has become.

Do you hate me? If not, I take it that I can sleep beside your mailbox?

As for the castigation by the home of Rice-A-Roni’s premiere streetpeople guild, what’s a restaurant do to? Well, in this neighborhood, it totally welcomes the (vaga)bonding peeps to camp all around.

From SFGate:

[Izakaya Sushi owner Yoshi Tome] loved the rock a lot and he worked really hard to pick it out. He even painted it gold a few times,” said [server Jess Meddock]. “It never occurred to me that it was anti-homeless architecture. [Yoshi] is very much about respect and honor. I remember when I first started, he said that we won’t be like that person in the White House — we will always treat people with respect.”

Furthermore, the staff — who is close to 100 percent LGBTQ, says [beverage director and bar manager Rhonda Richards] — voted to paint the rock rainbow to show their support for and involvement in the community. The owner himself chose to open his restaurant in the historically gay Castro neighborhood for that same reason — to show support, as he has two gay children.

“During Pride we wanted permission to make it colorful,” explained Meddock. “People don’t realize that we’re all queer here, and some have battled with homelessness ourselves.”
While there are no plans to remove the rock, Richards says that there is another “safe space” in the entryway of the restaurant that homeless people are free to use as shelter.

“The intention was to marry the two cultures of the Japanese garden tradition and the queer iconic flag.”


Now everything’s all cool.

As reported by ABC7:

The Coalition on Homelessness has since deleted the tweet, and posted the message: “Ya’ll, we made a mistake! While rocks r a common [part] of anti-homeless architecture, this particular rock is NOT. It’s a Japanese garden. Izakaya Sushi is a valued member of the [community] & is supportive of its homeless neighbors. We apologize & offer deep appreciation to the staff.”

No problem, dude.

So nothing says “woke” like gay, homeless, and Japanese? Maybe so.

Rock on, chart-toppers.



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