Historian Victor Hanson to Tucker Carlson: California Is America's 'Third World State.' Thanks, Left-Wing Policies

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Ever have those “First World problems” people talk about? Well, apparently, the poor souls (like me!) lappin’ up sunshine and smog in the Golden State actually have Gross Encounters of the Third Kind (Poop Map, anyone?) — so said historian Victor Davis Hanson Monday night, to Fox host Tucker Carlson.


Cali is, according to Victor, the nation’s “Third World state.”


Victor’s classification, by the way, follows Left Coast Governor Gavin Newsom’s claim that those doggone national Republicans’ll eventually fall “into the waste bin of history, the way Republicans of the ’90s [in California] have gone.”

Tucker asked Victor — a California resident — why he calls the home of some of the richest people on the planet a Third-World sorta joint. The Hoover Institution Senior Fellow noted “symptoms” generally reserved for the crappiest of places: high taxes (income, gas, sales), bad schools (the bottom 10%), a super-rich class, and a ton of people livin’ in poverty (a fifth of its population, actually; and a fifth of the U.S.’s homeless population resides in California).

Hey — why didn’t he mention our pathetic roads?

Here’s Vick:

“We have the most billionaires of any state in the nation, and then we have the largest underclass.”

He laid some of the blame on the overturning of the state’s Proposition 187 — the Save Our State initiative — which was “very popular” with voters. The order banned non-emergency healthcare to those in the country illegally as well as put into place other deterrents to illegal immigration. It was approved by voters in 1994, but three days later, a judge issued a temporary restraining order against the measure. Next came a permanent injunction on most of it, and in November of ’97, it was largely ruled unconstitutional.


Over the next two decades, he explained, middle-class people moved outta California in droves.

“That was, unfortunately, part of a perfect storm.”

Next, “a very small but influential and wealthy manorial class” began to populate Silicon Valley.

Hence, a recipe for the perfect turd sandwich: The people who can’t quite make it move away, and all that’s left is the upper crust and lower — hey, wait a minute; my analogy sounds like the middle class are turds. Sorry — let me start that over: Hence, a recipe for disaster — the struggling middle get the heck outta Dodge, the fat and rich stay fat and rich, and outside their gates live the dirt poor.

There. Better.

“We’ve created a very a wealthy class that doesn’t mind high taxes because it has ways it can navigate around that and poor social circumstances. And the people in between are sort of like peasants outside a medieval keep that can’t survive, and so they drift off. And we were left with a, sort of  a romanticized indigent class and the royal elite that doesn’t care about the vanishing middle class at all.”

Well that sounds just great.

Want more description of a utopia? Victor’s got it:

“If we look at Gavin Newsom or Dianne Feinstein or the former Senator Boxer and Nancy Pelosi, or Mark Zuckerberg or the architects of this system, they are all multi-millionaires. In some cases, they are multi-billionaires. And so they have sort of a psychological penance. They feel good about being virtuous in the abstract. Meanwhile, on the ground level, we’re sort of like Constantinople or Justinian in the 6th century A.D.”


Rich and disconnected, indeed. Look no further than Nancy “the wall is an immorality” Pelosi, who has a wall around her property. In January, some peeps breeched the perimeter and demanded they be let in and given peanut butter sandwiches. Did she provide sanctuary? No; when it affected her, she had the po-po called (see here and here).

MAN…just thinking right now about her smacky sound when she talks…I just know she smells like Noxzema; I just know it.

Victor also pointed out the state’s influx of disease such as typhus and 140,000 people livin’ outdoors.

I’d like to write more, but I have to go — it’s my night behind the creaky wooden cart, for “Bring Out Your Dead.”



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