Male Hurdler Competing in the NCAA Women's Division Tells ESPN It's the Women Who Have the Advantage

Screenshot from Outside the Lines,]
Screenshot from Outside the Lines,]



As RedState’s Kira Davis covered at the end of May, a man named CeCe Telfer raked track-runnin’ ladies over the coals as he leapt to victory in the NCAA DII women’s 400-meter hurdles on May 25th.


CeCe ran for Franklin-Pierce University as “Craig” last year, competing against men. But now, CeCe’s dustin’ the girls.

Some people thought it was great that CeCe did his thang. Parker Molloy, for example:

Parker characterized conservative media that recounted CeCe’s win as suffering from an irrational fear and doing a bit of fit-pitching:

Parker posted this to sock it to right-wingers:

So goes the culture war, I suppose.

As for the war on the track, CeCe says the battle was indeed unfairly fought — women had the advantage over him:

“If anything, me competing against cisgender females is a disadvantage because my body is going through so many medical implications, like it’s going through biochemistry changes.”

Such was told to ESPN’s Outside the Lines Thursday.


He explained that his strength is all messed up:

“So being on hormone replacement therapy, your muscle depletion, your muscle is deteriorating, you lose a lot of strength because testosterone is where you get your strength and agility and all that athletic stuff, so I have to work twice as hard to keep that strength. And if I slack a day that’s like three days set behind.”

In case your’e wonderin’, the NCAA now lets dudes compete against chicks if they suppress their testosterone levels for a full year.

Does that make them shorter? CeCe’s over six feet tall. And it’s…hurdles.

I spotlighted CeCe’s trajectory in February. Please check out my article, “Sad Sack: Man Sets Record In NCAA Women’s Track — And He’s Headed For The March Championships.”

I think it’s great CeCe’s competing in sports, and he looks like an impressive athlete. And I believe he should present himself however he chooses.

Also, the girl who placed 2nd in the championship would’ve won, and #3 would’ve come in 2nd, and so on, just a few years ago. In effect, the NCAA is making a move against female athletes — men are bigger, faster, stronger. If women want to give up some athletic career potential and compete against the men, it’s their prerogative. But what about the ones who don’t? Not everyone does. Olympic medalist Sharron Davies, for instance:


It’s a peculiar situation in which we find ourselves. And it’s one in which women are getting beaten. And beaten. And beaten:

It Takes Balls: Man Competes In Women’s Powerlifting, Sets Four World Records

#DefeatAllWomen: Man Wins Women’s Cycling Competition (Plus: The Future Of Sports)

Disguise it as progressive; call it woke; label it justice. Put on it any face you want; it’s still unfair.

All hail the winner of ladies’ sports: Toxic Maskulinity.



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[Screenshot from Outside the Lines,]


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