Terror: ISIS Supporter Admits He Beheaded Scandinavian Hiker in College Student Killings

[Screenshot from V prod, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQqF6So1RTA]
[Screenshot from V prod, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AQqF6So1RTA]


24-year-old Dane Louisa Jespersen and 28-year-old Norwegian Maren Ueland were on a Christmas camping trip in Morocco last year. The two girls were roommates at Norway’s Bo University.


But on December 17th, they were murdered. The girls were found by authorities in their tent, in a remote area near Morocco’s highest peak, Mount Toubkal.

24 people were brought to trial in connection with their deaths. One — 33-year-old Abdessamad Ejjoud — has admitted his guilt in court.

Abdessamad is a supporter of ISIS and suspected of heading up a jihadist cell.

According to Sky News, in lieu of enlisting in ISIS, he wanted to go to holy war in the ways he could:

“After failing to join the Islamic State, we decided to do jihad at home.”

As reported by the BBC, he confessed to a gruesome act:

“I beheaded one of them…I regret it.”

A video of the decapitation was posted to social media by ISIS proponents. In it, one of the men references “the enemies of Allah” and says the killings are revenge for the deaths of jihadists in Syria.

In Denmark, 14 people have been charged with sharing the video.

Morocco’s anti-terror chief insists none involved were members of ISIS — only ISIS-inspired.

Abdessamad told the court:

“We loved Islamic State and prayed to God for it.”

Evil comes in many forms; this is only one. But it’s a serious threat, not only abroad but here where we live. For evidence of that, one need only look here and here.

If a terrorist training camp is operating in Alabama, the problem is beyond widespread. Our culture is being invaded with ugliness, in the big and small (here) ways. We should be able to depend on our legislators, but I’m not sure they’re doing enough to protect us. Until that’s achieved — whatever it may entail — I suspect these kinds of stories are going to continue if not increase. And our world is going to become an ever more dangerous place.




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