'Aquaman' Star Jason Momoa Remembers the Time on 'Game of Thrones' When He Was 'Too Broke to Go Home.' So He Improvised

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The magic of movies makes everything seem polished, posh, and perfect.


But the reality is often a very different story.

For example: You know those photos of celebrities at movie premieres on red carpets in front of a cool background? Well, pull the camera back a little, and you’ll see a strip mall with tourists in cargo shorts.

Here’s a bit of entertainment’s hard knocks.

Via Instagram, Aquaman star Jason Momoa shared a photographed memory from his time on the HBO goliath Game of Thrones, when he played the make-’em-swoon Khal Drago. It was around 2011, and he was hanging out with his best friend, Brian. There was a break in production, but the actor and his pal were — in Jason’s words — “too broke to go home.”

So what’s one to do in Belfast, Ireland?

The pair rented a U-Haul van so they’d have a place to sleep.

They parked it in “some quiet parking lot” and, as you can see, they had air mattresses for beds.

Jason posted:

Looking through my phone I found this. Off the road some quiet parking lot in donegal. It was an amazing simple moment with my best friend @captainriff  While filming GOT we had a lil break We were to broke to fly home so we rented a panel van aka UHAUL in Belfast and drove around beautiful amazing IRELAND searching for the greatest pint of Guinness. Turns out it’s perfect everywhere. So many wonderful people and stories I treasure those times It was the simplest moments I remember the most. I still miss my family. Been a long road and I feel like I’m just getting started. On the roam Needs to go home. Ps ill ask Brian for more pics he’s got the gold. Aloha j.


Jason isn’t likely to need a U-House again. In 2014, it was reported he’d signed a 4-picture deal with DC. According to CheatSheet.com, the 6-foot-4 actor was paid $4 million for Justice League and a whopping $14 million for Aquaman. Something tells me his payday for 2022’s Aquaman 2 won’t be too shabby.

The star’s come a long way since his van days. But kudos to him for keeping it real.



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